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    We are a Family owned & operated Mobile Auto Glass Shop in Murrieta, CA, we provide a Free Mobile Service of Auto Glass Replacement & Windshield Repairs to all businesses & residents that live or work within 35 miles of Murrieta CA or Temecula CA.  Same day appointments are generally available if you call before 12 pm. … [Read More...]

  • window regulator replacement, installation, repair

    Side Door Window & Regulator Installation & Repair

    A Window Regulator is the mechanism that controls your door glass to move up & down. If your door glass has fallen or does not move up & down properly you may need to replace it. CPR Auto Glass has over 15 years in window regulator experience. Door glass replacements . . . .   … [Read More...]

  • windshield rock chip crack repair

    Rock Chip/Crack Repair

    Rock Chip Repairs are an effective way to saving money rather than replacing your windshield. Most insurance companies will waive your deductible if you get a rock chip repair done before the chip spreads if not we charge $50.00 for the first & $10.00 for the 2nd.   More rock chip repair and long crack repair info to read. … [Read More...]

  • rear view mirror replacement glass

    Rear View & Side View Mirror Replacements

    We can easily replace your mirror now with Burco Redi Cuts, from rear view to side view, vehicle-specific Redi-Cuts are readily available in heated, signal, heated signal, blue glass and high bend convex for virtually every make and model. You don't need to pay hundreds of dollars to replace a rear view mirror at a dealership, they replace the whole mirror assembly instead of replacing just the … [Read More...]

  • Windshield Adhesive Betaseal U-428plus

    Quality Auto Glass Sealants Used

    U-428 BETASEAL Glass bonding adhesives are used to install auto glass in the majority of all new vehicles worldwide – or more than 30 million factory installations per year. So when you’re looking for adhesives to restore windshield/windscreen structures to The original strength and specification, BETASEAL is the perfect choice. Check our newest letter and status from Allstate Insurance … [Read More...]

  • headlight repair | Headlight Lens Cleaner | CPR Auto Glass

    Headlight Polishing and Restoration is Available

    Restoring headlights back to its original look and illumination can be a task if you don't have the right tools to work with. Having the proper tools and experience to sand the finish off of your headlights is one thing, you have to know what different grit of sandpaper and how much to take off the headlight lenses using a method called water … [Read More...]

  • mobile windshield repair, replacement, installation

    Free On-Site Mobile Service

    By doing our work on-site you save both time & money not having to leave your home or work. No more dropping your car off and waiting, or finding a ride home just to get your window fixed.   . . . . . … [Read More...]

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    Flexible to Meet Your Needs

    We offer three ways to get a price quote on your Auto Glass needs today. Call (951-239-5040) for an Instant Price on a glass replacement or repair, or fill out our Online Quote form to receive an email or text back on your auto glass replacement or repair needs. Here is a link to one of our coupons if you decide to get a window replacement or repair. . . . . . … [Read More...]

  • Accepting All Insurance

    Excepting All Insurance Work

    CPR Auto Glass excepts all major insurance companies and Auto Glass managed claims today, LYNX is the leader in auto glass claims management today with more than 3,000,000 claims managed annually. E-Glass Claims & Safelite Solutions is to name a couple other auto glass claim managers. So no matter what insurance company you use today CPR Auto Glass has you covered when it comes to your auto … [Read More...]

  • Certified Techs

    Certified Technicians

    CPR Auto Glass Technicians are ARG Certified. They are trained and have experienced all facets of the Auto Glass Replacement and Windshield Repair Industry. Our average technician has 12 years of experience.   Read this little article we posted about what you should try and avoid   … [Read More...]

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    Auto Glass Repair Gift Certificate’s Are Available

              Need A Last Minute Gift Idea. Get a gift certificate for there windshield replacement or door glass repair. Just give us a call at 951-239-5040 and we can send you one through email or snail mail. What better way than to pay for that broken windshield to get replaced, or if there door window fell off track and won't roll up or down … [Read More...]


Experienced Auto Glass Technicians

Nissan Altima After 150x150 Experienced Auto Glass Technicians


Everyone who owns a vehicle at some point in time will need to replace their windshield or glass on their vehicle. There are many different reasons as to why you may have an auto glass replacement done on your vehicle. Regardless as to why you need to have auto glass replacement done you will want to use the professionals to do the job for you.

One of the reasons you may need to have your auto glass changed out would be if a chunk of tire from the freeway flew up and broke  it. Or there will be a time that you have to park under a tree and you may never know if the branch will fall or not and break your windshield. However, when it does you will want to have an experienced auto glass repair tech to help you with this type of repair.

Not only can your window break due to certain circumstances but it could also simply crack or get sandblasted by sand from driving down the road. These types of problems can make it very hard for you to see out the window to drive safely.

When certain things happen to your window the insurance company will pay for the window to be fixed or replaced. It will depend on how bad the window is and what type of damage has occurred to the window. The insurance company will pay the auto glass repair company for their labor and purchase the glass for the window that needs to be repaired.

You will not want to replace the glass by yourself. Many different things could go wrong if you try to replace auto glass on your own. One thing would be that the new window will leak and this could cause other problems to begin to appear. Not only could you accidentally put it in wrong and the window leak but you could accidentally break the new windshield or the old one and get seriously hurt.

Some things we all can do on our own when it comes to car repairs but when it comes to fixing a window or windshield, you will not want to tackle this project on your own at all. Call the professionals today and get your window fixed the right way.


Finding the Lowest Prices for Windshield Replacement

70off red 150x150  Finding the Lowest Prices for Windshield ReplacementHow To: Finding the Lowest Prices for Windshield Replacement

Imagine yourself in this situation: you are driving your car on a sunny day. A large truck is in front of you. All of a sudden, a small rock or piece of material comes from out of nowhere. It strikes your windshield and leaves behind a small crack or chip. Yikes! What do you do, next? Get a windshield replacement, of course! You may think that the only thing to consider when shopping for this service is to find the lowest prices. However, there are a few things you should consider, and a few steps you should follow, first.

What You Should Know

Before you get started researching for the lowest prices for windshield replacement, know that cheapest is not always best in this situation. Although a deal can sometimes seem too good to be true, it might be just that. A windshield replacement that is done incorrectly can lead to further problems. This can include leaks in your car, or cracking and chipping again, later. A bad windshield install can also lead to safety issues for car occupants in a crash. Be sure that anyone you are considering for the job is a professional.

No Deductible1 150x150  Finding the Lowest Prices for Windshield ReplacementCall Your Insurance Company

The first thing you should do is contact your insurance company. In some cases, your insurance company may cover (or partially cover) the costs of a windshield replacement. By far, this is the easiest way to get the lowest prices for this sort of job. Just contact your insurance company shortly after the incident. You may have to submit an estimate for a replacement from a particular company, or opt to have a particular company do the install. Either way, you are still saving quite a bit of money for your windshield and getting a good product.

Shop Around

What if you need a windshield replacement, but your insurance will not cover the cost? In this case, your best bet is to shop around with reputable services. Often times, you can find their price estimates posted on their webpages. Or, barring that, you could give them a call and ask them what they recommend, as well as a price estimate. Compare what you hear from various services. Once you have found one that you feel will give you great service (and value) for the quoted price, take your car to them for your windshield replacement.


Affordable Auto Glass Installation in Murrieta & Temecula CA

sidewindow 150x150 Affordable Auto Glass Installation in Murrieta & Temecula CAHigh Quality Auto Glass Installation at Affordable Prices

If you have recently been in an accident or had some other disaster happen that caused your windshield or other glass on your vehicle to break, there is no need to pay top dollar for new auto glass installation. It can be difficult to find auto glass and install the glass on your vehicle by yourself, and it can be very dangerous to other pedestrians, you and your family if the glass is installed incorrectly. Rather than risking more damage to your vehicle and risking the safety of yourself and those around you, our business offers the lowest price for any type of auto glass installation anywhere on your car, as well as windshield repair at a cost that is completely affordable to you.08 Galant2 150x150 Affordable Auto Glass Installation in Murrieta & Temecula CA

Yes, even if the small windows near the back of your car are damaged, you can have them replaced at an affordable price, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your wallet. This can be especially helpful in situations where the damage was caused in some type of auto collision or accident, since you already have a bill that needs paid. You don’t deserve to have to pay too much more than one bill is already costing you, so our auto glass installation and windshield repair come at the lowest possible price to you! In order to do this, our staff take your vehicle into the shop for a few hours in order to install the auto glass and repair any damage to the windshield, no matter how minor the damage is. After this is completed, we test the auto glass in order to ensure that the belts that cause the windows to move up and down are still functioning properly, and we return the car to you!

Our service is both qualified and completely trusted by the many satisfied customers that we have made over the years. In order to get in contact with us and set up an appointment time for your windshield repair or auto glass installation, give us a call and our friendly, professional staff will guide you through the steps that you will need to take in order to have your windshield repaired or other auto glass installed. Don’t wait around and let your car become a useless pile of junk as it rusts simply because your windshield or auto glass has been damaged in the collision or other accident that you already suffered through. Instead, bring your vehicle to us and receive prompt, friendly service that will get you back on the road with completely clear vision in no time!


Quality Auto Glass Repair Service

The Install Quality Auto Glass Repair ServiceIt is a very important fact that every car owner should know the benefits of windshield installation in case of any damage to cause to it. The main purpose of windshield in vehicles is basically to provide the occupant an enclosure from the elements outside. It is also designed to provide safety to the person using the vehicle at times of calamity. It is equally a safety feature equivalent to air bags and seat belts that are essential for a car.

There are many repair services like CPR Auto Glass repair that provide high quality auto glass repair and replacements at reasonable prices to their customers. The main features that must be taken into concern before getting windshield installation from your particular auto glass company include:

  • The glass used must be new and from a good factory replacement company.
  • It must have all the factory specs that matches the old glass.
  • Rain sensors on windshields are used to turn your wipers on automatically.
  • Universal trim molding type of windshield installation must be done properly.
  • Before installing the glass must be checked for any type of distortions and scratches.
  • The new windshield must possess the same black painted design similar to the rear view mirrors.

Importance of Installation:

The replacement of this automotive safety mechanism is very tricky, and trained employees of automotive companies require years of training to do it well. It is a lifesaver and must be installed keeping in mind the safety guidelines, and for that, the main requirement for windshield installation is mainly use of good adhesives and application of suggested primers.

Prius Leak 3 150x150 Quality Auto Glass Repair ServiceIt is always preferable to choose a reputable auto glass replacement dealer to take care of the installation. The dealer must offer a warranty on new installations, and should fit the windshields in such a manner that it does not cause problems like auto glass leaks. The main reason for the windshield installation being leak proof basically is to avoid any damage to the interior mold. In any case, if excess water enters the vehicles in cold weather, then it would turn into ice blocking the view while driving.

It is always better that safety measures are taken immediately and the windshield be replaced in time to avoid any accidents or damage to the car. The Price quotes for the installation service may be a little high, but it is worth spending than causing further damage by choosing a good company that assures high- quality services.


Mobile Auto Glass Service in Murrieta CA

Nissan Altima Before 300x200 Mobile Auto Glass Service in Murrieta CAUsing a windshield installation service can help to make sure that your vehicle is in top condition and that your windshield is fully reliable. By calling immediately after severe damage has occurred, when there is no way that you can continue to drive safely, you can avoid serious issues on the road and you can avoid further damage to yourself or your vehicle. A good service will work quickly and provide the exceptional results that you want, ensuring that you are able to drive away happily and without having to deal with the problems that accompany a broken, unusable windshield.

It is not uncommon to find cracks and breaks in a windshield. As you drive, you are going to run into situations where damage will occur. Sometimes, this is due to an accident or any other type of serious damage, where you cannot drive without having service performed. Other times, you may see small issues start to build up, which you may not consider as problematic at first. It is imperative that you see the risk in all situations, however, even those that seem simple or low risk. Even the most minor of situations can worsen, leaving you with an unusable windshield and a vehicle that you cannot drive around anywhere.

After you notice any type of damage to your windshield, call the professionals. You need to have complete excellence working in your corner if you want to make sure that your windshield is replaced in a timely, reliable manner. Since the installation is performed by individuals who understand what is needed for the job, you can trust that the windshield will be up and working in no time at all. You can also trust that the windshield installation service is going to leave you with something that is easy to use, reliable, and effective, doing the intended job.

A good windshield installation service is available whenever you are in need of one. Make sure that you call right away to learn more about the services, the experts, and how this can best benefit you. If you want to make sure that your vehicle is safe, and that the individuals doing the job are the best people to do it, then do not wait any longer. Thanks to what is available to you, you can take advantage of the best professionals available and you can have the work that you expect in very little time.