Windshield Repair: Should I repair it? Should I replace it?


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Windshield repairs aren’t quite the fuss they were some years ago. Some time, not too long ago, windshield whacks, cracks or other damages were a mandatory trip to the glass shop to change the windshield. Nowadays, however, windshield repairs are quite common.

How does it work?

The way the windshield repair works is that special resin is applied directly on the crack to fill it and isolate it – what this does is prevent further damages and it also stops the gap or crack from enlarging.
Sometimes, even the inner layers of the glass are repaired successfully by using a drill to inject this special resin directly inside the other layers.
However, windshield repairs should be looked upon as first-aid on the glass, because even though the job might look perfect and spotless, the windshield won’t be as hardy as it was before the whack – so take special care from the moment you repair it on wards.


Some Last Thoughts on Windshield Repairs:

One last thing you should bear in mind is that even though the windshield repair science has evolved quite a bit on these recent years, there’s a threshold in the damage that can be mended – which means the same as saying that if the damage is too big, the windshield must be replaced.
CPR Auto Glass is an expert when it comes to fixing rock chips or small cracks, and if you’re in need of a small repair we will make sure to try and fix it to save you money. If we can’t fix it then rest assured that the windshield will be replaced fast and efficiently so you can get back on the road as soon as you can.