Windshield Chip Repair Cost & Quality Auto Glass Repair Murrieta

Watch Out For Rip Off Windshield Repair People at the Shell Gas Stations in and around Murrieta CA.

These guys are trying to do Windshield chip repairs on your windshield at a cost that probably says it all.

First of all these guys are telling you that the windshield rock chip in your window will spread and if you don’t fix it or repair it now the cost for a new Windshield is going to cost alot and if you have full coverage insurance your insurance will cover the rock chip repair at no cost to you.

When you say “if its FREE than go ahead”, then they repair pits that don’t need repairing & charge your insurance company $50.00.

Look at the chip in your windshield,  if the chip only looks like a small pit like the size of a sesame seed with no crack line or sea shell look to it, than its not a repairable windshield chip. This type of chip in your window is called a pit, if you look close you will see alot of pits in your window. These pits are caused by sand blowing and doesn’t need to be repaired.

Here is an example of a windshield repair that should be repaired.

These Type of windshield repair should only be done by professional windshield repair specialist. After all why would you let jiffy lube rebuild your motor.

A quality windshield repair should never get wet prior to repairing them and should always be drilled out with a diamond bit drill for a great looking repair that won’t spread.