Weed Wacker Broke my Side Door Glass | CPR Door Glass Repair


20130709_090034Be carefull of your surroundings when using a weed wacker. Weed wackers break all types of windows, if the window or car door glass is within 30 feet of a weed wacker than it is very possible that the high speed of the whipping wheel and string of a weed wacker can propel a small rock fast enough to break a window on your car or house for that matter.

In this picture is a side door glass of a newer dodge durango that became victim of a flying rock thrown from a weed wacker, the cost of this particular window was around $250.00 only because it was a special type of glass called laminated glass.

Laminated glass is made just like a windshield with two layers of glass laminated together to form one window. The lamination is to protect you from flying objects comming into the car or keep a thief from breaking into a car.

Not to many car manufacturers these days are putting in laminated windows for the side door glass, it seems to me that they are just trying it out for now to see how things go. Me personally