Smash N Grab Thieves Breaking Car Door Windows

CPR Auto Glass Repair in Temecula: Tips on avoiding a broken car door window this holiday season. It only takes a thief seconds to smash a door glass window and get what they see.

1) You should never leave valuable items in your car  in view of thieves through the window.

2) If you get out and place the item in your trunk you should have a way to lock it in so the thief cant break the door glass to pop your trunk and get what you just put in there.

3) If the item is small enough to take with you its best to just take it with you so you won’t have to replace a window and your valuables.

4) Try  to park your car under lighting, gouls don’t like to be in the light.

5)  Automobiles are not a good hiding spots for x-mas gifts we have replaced many door windows from thieves stealing gifts out of automobiles.