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Our goal here is to combine outstanding service, with high quality auto glass installations.

Not all auto glass repair shops are created equal, that $99. windshield replacement might cost you more in he long run.


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When calling around for auto glass prices, some companies are feeding your head with a lot of  sales pitch.

They may sell you on that $99.00 windshield replacement  to get you in the door, and yes they may charge $99.00 for certain automobile windshield’s but how is the workmanship? Better yet are they using industry standard materials?

Using the right moldings and or the right adhesive for the installation is sometimes crucial.

By them not replacing a molding needed for your particular vehicle could save them up to $30.00 and that could very well be the difference in the prices that we quote you.

Then there is the BIG SHOT corporate companies that charge an arm and say things like “Our glass is Factory Glass” or Our glass is O.E.M. glass” this one is even better, “The Glass we use is made in the U.S.A.”

Guess what? We all order our glass from the same warehouse, and the glass that we are getting is good FACTORY REPLACEMENT glass.

So why pay out the nose for a windshield replacement?

Here are a few of the factory brand names out there today.

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There is  multiple glass manufactures out there, which in turn all have different names. They all have their own prices, some are cheaper then others, and are priced accordingly. Just remember,  when a company is giving you all these different options, it is really all for up sale purposes.

All glass manufactures, that sell their product to auto glass replacement shops like us have to abide by US Federal Safety Standard Guidelines. So when you hear, companies telling you one particular brand is thinner than the factory replacement, this is FALSE.

All glass sold outside of the dealer is technically considered a factory REPLACEMENT, all glass ordered through the dealership is considered OEM do to the auto makers stamping there name on-top of the glass manufactures name.

CPR Auto Glass Repair Temecula CA

CPR Auto Glass  is a family owned business that takes pride in the service we provide to our customers. We would not install anything in your vehicle we do not trust or stand by. We treat our customers cars as our own, we stand by our work and warranties.

We have been in business since 2001, providing outstanding service with high quality auto glass repair and windshield replacement.  We service Southwest Riverside county and Northeast San Diego county at prices that can’t be beat.

Our warranty on all our windshield replacements is for the life of the car against any air or water leaks. We also warranty all of our windshield rock chip repairs to never spread or your money back.

We are a Certified Professional Replacement shop for all insurance companies & we also hold a tier 1 status for all major insurance companies today.