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Leaking F-150 Rear WindowThe Rear Window on the Ford F-150 tends to leak after a few years do to the dust and weather. To fix the leaking rear window you need to remove the glass and then re-install it with fresh new Butyl tape.

This is do to a poor design that Ford had in the earlier F-150’s

CPR Auto Glass does this type of repair for around $85.00

Please comment if you have any questions or would like to attempt the removal of your window yourself.


  1. A Douglass says:

    How do you take the plastic trim off?

    • you only need to remove the 2 interior pannels where the seatbelts are mounted to, then you will see the 2 9mm nuts that are holding in the window. There are 2 behind each of those pannels with a metal bracket on each of those, the brackets hold part of the pannel to the truck. Then there are 4 nuts on the top behind the headliner that you can get to by pulling it back and there is 4 on the bottom behind the seat that you can get to by pulling the seat back and looking. After all of the nuts are removed you can push from the inside of the truck against the window outwards with steady pressure. You will start to feel the window comming loose from the truck, when that starts to happen then work your way around pushing it out.

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