Fix My Car Door Window, It Won’t Roll Up or Down

Tired of pulling that door window up while pushing the up button? Did that door window fall down into the door and you can’t get it back up? CPR Auto Glass can put that door window back on track for you or replace that window regulator that just broke.

With over 15 years of experience CPR Auto Glass has seen just about everything when it comes to door windows and the regulators that control them to go up or down.

Most door window regulators today are ment made out of metal and plastic, not a good combo when it’s the metal cable pulling on the plastic mounts inside the door. Over time the plastic gets brittle do to the weather and it does’nt help that the car manufacturers use a low tensile strength plastic. But we all know that the car manufacturers like to sell lots of parts a year to make up for the low priced cars.