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Before discussing windshield rock chip repairs  windshield rock chip repair

 Let’s look into what is rock chip repair.  Rock chip is the damage to the windshield by a small rock kicked by a passing vehicle. It also leaves a mark behind. This mark can be minor and may not grab your attention, but when such issues are ignored the windshield may damage further and even damage further. So it is suggested to repair these spots of rock chip that hardly takes 15 minutes. State of the art technology is available which has made windshield repair easy and economical. Also, windshield repair instead of replacement helps you save a good amount of money.

Complete Process of Windshield Repair

Though, the process may be a short one, but the method is a little difficult and painstaking one as well. The technician first drills the way to rock chip, they enforce vacuum pressure into the rock chip. The next step is to interpose a resin into the rock chip. The resin is often companionable with glass. As soon as the resin is injected, ultraviolet light is applied to heal it. Surplus resin is scratched up from the glass and scavenged instantly. The windshield repair is completed, and there is never an essential to affright about cracking of glass.

Steps Involved in a Rock Chip Repair

Before repairing a rock chip, the professionals carefully examine and check if the scathe can be repaired, or the windshield needs replacement. If it can be repaired, the chip is then cleaned up with acetone or cloth. The next step is that the drill is in fixed as mentioned above. Finally, the windshield is cleaned.

Factors to Look Out For

Flying debris or flying rock over the windshield can always panic the drivers for windshield issues. When such incidents occur, do not panic, but just drive to the closest windshield repair services place. These people are professionally trained and approach the issue in a very organized and systematic manner. They utilize latest technologies and equipments to get rid off rock chip. There are many services available online who take responsibility for rock chip repair. When comparing the cost, there are companies that charge just $55 for windshield repair. So research the web and find the best company that offers quality service, satisfy customers and charge reasonably. So tie up with such services for permanent repairs, which offer the best quality at reasonable rate.


Nissan Windshield’s Always Crack Under Pressure Do To Windshield Moulding’s

Nissan Titan windshield’s are always breaking and cracking do to the windshield and windshield moulding combo.

I have found out through the years that I am constantly replacing a windshield on a Nissan Titan,  just about every week I get a call on a Nissan Titan Windshield.

Just about 2 weeks ago I started to think why are these windshield’s breaking so easy. Every Nissan Titan that i get and install a new windshield on I notice that the Window fits real tight.

If you can picture a piece of glass fitting so tight in a frame that there is no room for expanding and contracting when it comes to any weather changes. So if you force it in place it will be broken in a matter of 1 year do to the weather changes because there is no room for that glass window to breath.

CPR Auto Glass of Murrieta Temecula CA has found a new method to install your Nissan Titan windshield so it will last longer. We install the windshield with an aftermarket windshield moulding that looks almost the same but it does not make the window fit tight, our new windshield moulding will allow your window to expand and contract whith the weather changes.