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Auto Glass Repair Insurance CoverageThere’s no surprise that Insurance Agencies and Insurance Companies have made CPR Auto Glass Repair one of the most highly recommended auto glass repair and replacement companies in the Temecula Valley! Our Customer Service Specialists will make the scheduling process painless. We can accommodate even the most demanding schedules with our flexible Mobile Service that brings us right to your doorstep. No matter what, your auto glass repair or windshield replacement will be of the highest in quality and convenience. Contact CPR Auto Glass Repair today to get a FREE Quote!

Do you accept most major insurances?
If you have comprehensive insurance with a deductible or No deductible, all of the repair or replacement costs of the work performed will be covered. This means you only pay your deductible and CPR Auto Glass Repair will bill your insurance company for the remainder balance. If you don’t have insurance to pay for the repair, CPR Auto Glass Repair is very competitively priced and accepts cash, checks and all major credit cards.

Will you deal with my insurance company for me?
Most insurance companies will need the insurer to call and put in there claim, once that is done they will then ask you if you have an auto glass repair specialist in mind. Just tell them you would like to go with CPR Auto Glass Repair and they will then call us up with you on the other line to set up an appointment time.

CPR Auto Glass specialize in Insurance company coverage verification and billing requirements. No matter what Insurance company or Glass Network handles your glass coverage, CPR Auto Glass Repair is approved to complete your auto glass replacement or repair needs. Let us show you how easy we can make this complicated process happen.

How long can I expect this to take?
Most windshield repairs can be done in less than 30 minutes once we arrive. The average time for a windshield replacement or door glass replacement is one hour depending on the vehicle.


Why You Should Look For Quality Auto Glass Repair

Get Quality Auto Glass Replacement Temecula, Murrieta CA



Gotten into an accident? Recently had your car’s windows break? If so, you already know that you will need to find a specialist who can offer auto glass repair. Usually, a knee jerk reaction of buyers is to try to find the cheapest auto glass repair shop that they can find in their local vicinity, and immediately ask them to fix their car windows. This is not only a bad idea – it’s an awful one.

In the world of auto repair, you will often get what you pay for. This means that the auto glass repair services that you buy may end up costing more in the long run, due to ordering shoddy replacement glass, or simply due to negligence on the part of the repairer. Imagine breaking a window, paying for it to be replaced, then having the window get broken once more due to the replacement window being improperly reattached to your car. Would you want to have to pay twice to fix the same window?

High quality auto glass repair shops also offer better customer service, and faster repair services. Going to a cheap glass repair shop will likely mean that you will have to wait a longer time to fix that windshield, and that can mean having to rent a car for a longer time just so that you can get to and from work. Moreover, most customers agree that paying a little bit extra for service with a smile, as well as additional tips for car care, is a smart idea.

A quality auto glass repair shop will likely not be the cheapest in town, but it still can be one of the more affordable ones. Ask around to get quotes, and ask about their customer satisfaction rate. As long as you look for a quality repairer, your wallet and windshields will thank you.


Windshield Replacement – When Is It Necessary | CPR Auto Glass Temecula

Windshield Replacement








Depending on the size of the crack in your vehicle windshield, you may be able to have it repaired instead of having to get a windshield replacement. Small cracks or nicks that are in the middle of the windshield can usually be repaired. You should not wait too long to have the crack or nick repaired, otherwise you will likely need a windshield replacement. Over time, small cracks can spread, expanding to a length where they can no longer be repaired. A spreading crack also puts the driver and passengers at risk. As the crack spreads, the entire integrity of the windshield degrades, and where the windshield would have, in a repaired state, prevented a flying object from breaking through the windshield, a long crack will have weakened the windshield to the point where a flying rock will shatter the windshield and send the rock, and flying glass, at the vehicle’s driver and passengers. Worst yet, a weakened windshield will resist impact less when something, or someone, inside the car hits it. A minor injury could become a major injury or worse.

Getting Windshield Replacement Done Right

While more than a quarter of the time a windshield replacement is unnecessary and a repair is sufficient, when you do need to get a windshield replaced there are a number of factors to keep in mind. First, if you decide to do it yourself realize that breakage during installation is a common occurrence. Even if you go to the local wreck yard and get a windshield, there’s no guarantee it’s going to get home and into your vehicle in one piece. Given the time a DIY job takes, and the risk, consider using a professional, and certified, windshield replacement specialist.

ARG certified windshield replacement specialists will know exactly the windshield needed for your vehicle, and proper installation will be guaranteed. Most windshield replacement companies offer same day appointments too. And they will be able to tell if your windshield can be repaired or will need to be to be replaced. It’s important to protect yourself, your family and your vehicle and get the right job done the right way. A poorly done repair or windshield replacement can put you and your family in more risk than if the windshield had been left alone. Make sure the person doing your windshield replacement is ARG certified. Your windshield provides important protection.


Four Reasons to Turn to an Auto Glass Repair Company in Temecula, CA

A Windshield Repair Makes Mother Nature Happy



Wondering what a great auto glass repair company like CPR Auto Glass can do for you?

Wonder no more!

Doing business with one means you’ll get to take advantage of these 4 benefits:


1. They can make sure you keep your original factory seal

When your windshield first arrives from the factory, it has a special seal that connects it to the rest of the car. That seal is responsible for holding the windshield in place during a crash. So, when you get an auto glass repair – as opposed to taking the windshield out and replacing it with a new one – you get to keep that original factory seal. As important as that seal is, it’s something that you don’t want to give up unless you really have to!


2. They can prevent your original damage from spreading

Even a tiny chip can turn into a giant crack just from driving down the road. And, the colder it is, the more likely your windshield damage is to spread. In fact, once the temperature drops below freezing, chips are 60% more likely to turn into cracks!

Think you’re safer in the summer? Think again! All of that hot air on the outside of your windshield mixed with the cold air on the inside coming from your car’s air conditioner puts added stress on the glass – making it more likely to crack. So, the sooner you can get a windshield repair company in Temecula, CA to look at it, the better – no matter what time of year it is!


3. They work quickly

A top-notch auto glass repair takes less than an hour. In fact, you may not even have to wait 30 minutes for your windshield to be fixed! Compared to how long you spend waiting for other car issues to be worked out (like oil changes, engine trouble, etc.), that’s a real bargain!


4. They make Mother Nature happy

When you get an auto glass repair, you don’t have to worry about an old windshield ending up in a landfill somewhere. After all, windshields can’t be recycled because of the plastic laminates that are used on them. So, unfortunately, it’s estimated that 15 million windshields wind up in landfills each year, and each one takes one million years to decompose!

And, remember, that’s on top of the energy it takes to manufacture a new windshield in the first place. You could actually repair 10,000 windshields with the energy it takes to produce a single new one! No wonder Mother Nature gets so angry!

But when you turn to a quality San Diego County auto glass repair company, Mother Nature takes a big sigh of relief. You’re conserving energy, saving room in landfills, and preventing a whole bunch of carbon dioxide from being released into the air.


Windshield Repair Riverside & San Diego County California

CPR Auto Glass provides quality mobile windshield replacement & repair






It is not a matter of “if” but “when” our windshield will need TLC or replacing. In fact it is the number one most common claim made to insurance companies, windshield repair. Commuters in Riverside & San Diego California, the need for some type of windshield replacement is 1 out of every 3 cars every two years. This according to AAA of California. So it begs the question; “To whom do you trust when dealing with your vehicle?” Simple, CPR Auto Glass Repair.

Trust comes from reputation. Reputation is earned, by corporate and consumer solutions. Not fancy or fad marketing ploys. Reputation in the form of:


– Tier 1 Status with all major Insurance Companies today.


What does this mean? Integrity driven solutions for a long period of time. Integrity driven solutions come from customers and products used. Let’s talk about products:

  • The highest quality glass bonding adhesive on the market today. U-428 BetaSeal. It is a product used in every new car being manufactured today. It is the adhesive that will bring a car’s windshield back to factory spec. The consumer can drive down the road in total confidence in product.
  • Rock Chip & Crack Repair. Look you don’t always need to do a total replacement. Why charge your insurance company for something that doesn’t need to be done. We provide 15 minute repair service in most cases. In fact your insurance will waive the insurance deductible!
  • Power Window Repair. When it comes to power windows not working you have to trust the advice given. We will tell you the source. Go with a window expert first for a solution.
  • Car Rear & Side View Mirrors. We can easily replace your mirror now with Burco Redi Cuts. From rear view and side view, these Redi-Cut products are available on demand.

Integrity. We will NEVER repair a windshield that has an issue larger than a silver dollar. Why? Simple, we know it isn’t safe and the fix will not last. Why charge the consumer and insurance company for something that is the wrong solution. CPR Auto Glass Repair, we do it right, the first time, every time, all the time. We do it for the customer, insurance, automotive industry and ourselves.

Fact everything you do on your car, you need a trusted source. You must ensure the integrity, quality, and the safety of the vehicle and it’s components. There is one SINGULAR source in San Diego and Riverside County California CPR Auto Glass Repair. If you have an issue or want to get a quote or competing quote, don’t delay and make the problem worse.


Tickets Being Handed Out For Cracked Windshield’s | CPR Auto Glass Repair


Last month Brian Johnson’s car got damaged in the hale storm.

“I was trying to find shelter so my car would’nt get dammaged,” Brian said.

The storm that tore though left many people like Brian with cracked windshields and broken windows.

“It’s been nuts,” Mark Williams said.

Just a week after the storm and the used car lot is full of damaged cars still.

“That’s probably gonna take a couple of weeks for a auto glass shop, to get the work done. So now everybody is getting backed up,” Williams said.

Which is why some are forced to drive around town with a cracked windshield.

“It’s the biggest hail storm I’ve seen in the 30 years I’ve been here,” Williams said.

But with such a back up in service: is it legal to drive a car like this?

“The only window that you actually have to have on your car is a windshield,” Cit Prosecutor Jeff Briggs said.

In other words, if your window is cracked, but not broken in the drivers view, it’s legal. But that doesn’t make it safe.

“Big spider webs in front of your face, where really you’re looking through a fish eye at that point. That’s dangerous,” Briggs said.

Briggs said when it gets to that point safety is a big concern.

“There needs to be tickets handed out for these windshields that are broke in the drivers view. Cracks on the windshield may be as bad as using a cell phone while driving, it obstructs driving abilities,” Briggs said.


Best Auto Glass Repair Temecula Has to Offer | CPR Auto Glass

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When the glass of your car is damaged, it is a hassle to say the least.

It’s important that you get the problem fixed as soon as possible, since slight damage to a windshield or window can turn from bad to worst very quickly. Make sure you settle for a auto glass repair shop that will do the job right. It’s better to pay a little extra if you know that you will not have to go back in 6 months down the road. Find the best auto glass repair Temecula CA has to offer you and your family.


Sometimes you do not even need to get into a car accident to require auto glass repair. Many times a rock will fling up from a vehicle in front of a car and will slightly chip or crack the glass. Over time, this crack will spread and eventually lead to decreased windshield stability, making the car less than safe to drive.


When you choose a repair shop, make sure to do online research before you make a commitment. Search local repair shops and see if they have any negative review against them. You owe it to yourself to get the best auto glass repair Temecula CA has to offer.



Do You Need Auto Glass Repair Temecula CA?

CPR Auto Glass Mobile Service

CPR Auto glass repair Temecula CA is an important service. After an accident, it is common to need to replace the windshield. However, the cost to do so can be high and it is a good idea to be sure that you have done everything possible to save money.

Many people assume that when there is damage to a car, insurance is always going to cover it. Depending on your policy, that may be true, but going through your insurance company may not always be the best choice. If your insurance policy presents with a high deductible, as many policies do, it might be a better idea to pay for it out of pocket.

Given that some insurance companies are known to raise your insurance payments after they have had to pay for something, many people prefer to avoid using their policy unless necessary. If you choose to have your insurance policy, you should make sure that the auto glass repair shop is approved by your insurance company.

When you are looking for an auto glass repair Temecula CA, it is often helpful to get quotes from multiple companies. This could allow you to access any sales or discounts currently available and it might be possible to find someone who could do the repairs over your lunch break.


Windshield Repair from Rocks on the Road | CPR Auto Glass Repair







Windshields get hit by rocks on the road everyday.

When your windshield gets hit by a rock or other flying object in the road. Don’t try and chase down the car or truck that you think the rock came from unless its totally obvious the truck is dropping a lot.

These truck are not responsible for road hazard to your windshield, only because there has been to much fraud in the past about broken windshield do to road hazards. The trucking companies got the blame to many and to often to were they don’t have to be responsible for broken windshields anymore.

Most of the time you will get a rock thrown into your windshield from the oncoming traffic, the speed of the oncoming traffic and the speed that you are traveling is enough to break the windshield pretty quick.

We get a lot of windshield repairs and the customers say their was no car around them and the rock came out of nowhere, more and likely when this is the case than the windshield got hit by a rock from the oncoming traffic.

Give us your Windshield Rock Chip story.