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A cracked or chipped windshield in your car can be something that appears to be a trivial matter at first, but even the smallest chip can become a major headache. Therefore, it makes sense that you seek a repair or replacement windshield at the first signs of damage. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the reasons why you need to consider the benefits of hiring a top rated auto glass repair service in Murrieta and Temecula CA.

Cost Savings

If you notice damage to your windshield early enough, there may not be a need to replace the entire pane of glass. A good professional auto glass repair service will be able to repair small cracks and chips which can save you money in the long term.

Time Savings

A mobile auto glass repair service will be able to save you time, and is a much more convenient way to get your auto glass repairs completed. Unlike a traditional auto glass repair service where you have to take your vehicle, leave it for repair and come back later, a mobile auto glass repair service comes to you. In addition to which, when a mobile auto glass repair company comes to you, it is your vehicle that is their number one priority, whereas taking your car to a workshop could mean waiting in line for your car to be fixed.

It is more convenient

When the mobile auto glass repair team come to you, you have the option of having your car repaired either at home, at your place of work or other location. This will help you because you do not have to schedule your life around taking your car to a workshop to be repaired.

Professional and Specialist Service

When you hire a mobile auto glass repair team, you can be certain that you are going to be doing business with a company that understands what needs to be done, and how to complete the task. They will be able to use the latest in windshield repair and replacement techniques, so that they can deal with your windshield damage in a professional and timely manner.


If you are located in the Murrieta and Temecula CA areas, you will find that CPR Auto Glass was voted the top rated auto glass repair shop, and they are a family owned local business that cares about their customers and pride themselves on the quality of the service they provide.



Mobile Auto Glass Installation Services | CPR Auto Glass Repair

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Free Mobile Service

Having a cracked or broken windshield is always inconvenient. Having to schedule an appointment, take your car in, and wait for it to be repaired is even more of a hassle. At CPR auto glass, we know how important it is to drive a safe car and we understand that busy lives, work demands, and family commitments don?t always leave a lot of free time. That is why we are proud to offer our mobile windshield replacement service; we will get your windshield replaced at a time and place that is convenient for you.

All you have to do is call to schedule a time and place, and we will bring our equipment to you. Whether at your home or parking lot of your office, we will remove your damaged windshield and replace it with a brand new windshield without you having to wait for it. Mobile repair service helps you avoid having to drive across town and sit and wait at a auto repair shop. So if you live or work in Southwest Riverside or Northeast San Diego counties and need to repair or replace your windshield, just let us know. It is our pleasure to serve you at the location of your choice.



Search the Best Auto Glass Installation and Repair Service in Temecula CA?

Temecula Auto Glass Installation

It is always recommended that you look out for auto glass installation and repair services when you have problem with your car windows. Auto glass plays a big role in protecting and safeguarding the driver and the passengers while the car is in motion and therefore you should not compromise at all. Although, there are many firms that handle auto glass installation and repair, but you have to be selective while choosing such firms. Here we take a quick look at some of the things that you need to keep in mind while selecting auto glass installation and repair companies.

When you are looking for auto glass repair firm you need to look out for the location as well. If you are in Temecula CA you need to search for auto glass installation and repair in Temecula CA which will make the job easier for you whenever you need their services.
Variety of Service

When you are searching for companies that offer auto glass installation and repair services you need to look for variety of services. There are some firms that only focus on windshield installation and repair. However, you should look for firms in Temecula CA that also handle other services like door window replacement and headlight restoration. This can help you to stick to one auto glass installation firm rather than looking for different firms for different reasons.
Quality of Service

Quality does matter in every service that you purchase and auto glass installation service is no exception. It is recommended that you look out for some of the reliable and reputed firms that can handle auto glass installation and repair for your vehicle. You can go through some research and read testimonials and get customer feedback to decide which company offers better quality service in Temecula CA. The quality of the glass installed also does matter so when you focus on quality you have to keep in mind the quality of the new auto glass.
Mobile Service

This is the most important factor that you should not miss when you are looking for companies that provide auto glass installation and repair. If there is a problem with your windshield it is important that you do not drive your car. Instead you can call technicians that can visit your location and can fix or repair auto glass which saves you the trouble of going all the way to garage and fixing it. It also saves you extra money as you would have to spend on tow services and gas.


All You Need to Know About Auto Glass Installation in Murrieta CA


windshield rock chip crack repair


If you have a car, you already know that every once in a while you will have to spend some cash on the aesthetic elements of your car. These often include such things as replacing lights, glasses, wheels and paint. Replacing lights or even repainting your car may be easy. That may not be the case with auto glasses as you will have to find a reliable company that specialize in auto glass installation in Murrieta CA or simply where you can replace auto glasses at affordable prices. All these should not worry you if you live in Murrieta CA as the area has enough auto glass installation companies. However, consider the following tips.

Reliable Service Providers

It will be easy for you to find the best service for auto glass installation in Murrieta CA if you stick your options to local auto repair companies. Chances are that they will have the right auto glass for your car model. Big corporate establishments, on the other hand, may find it tricky to fit your car with the right auto glass if, for instance, you have a vintage car. Keep in mind that you may have to buy such things as replacement mirrors or gaskets when it comes to auto glass replacement. Well established firms will make this easy and convenient for you and may even offer you a discount.

Customer Service

CPR Auto glass repair in Murrieta CA may be affordable compared to other areas, but good services go beyond just price. Consider how you are treated and if possible, if you will be offered after sales services. Normally, auto glass installation in Murrieta CA should not take you more than a day. Anything beyond a day will be an inconvenience to you and a sure sign that the auto glass installation company you sought services from is unreliable.

Take Advantage of Free Tips

Most establishments offering auto glass installation in Murrieta CA will offer you free basic tips on the best auto glass brand. Only a handful will go an extra mile to offer you reliable tips that can help you save money on auto glass installation. That said; always take a look at the website or blog of the company you wish to consult. Take advantage of the tips your preferred service for auto glass installation in Murrieta CA offers. Keep in mind that proficient auto glass installation service providers have skilled, experienced and dedicated experts. This means that the tips they offer you should be reliable. The best tips should be anything to do with how you can do auto glass installation at home to where you can get the top quality auto glasses at affordable rates.

Reviews and Testimonials

Always take time to find out what other people say about the company you wish to visit. Consider how reputable auto glass installation companies handle complaints. Remember to use unbiased and unsolicited reviews. Word of mouth too can be extremely important, so find out what your friends think about CPR auto glass repair in Murrieta CA and auto repair companies within the area.


Windshield Repair: Should I repair it? Should I replace it?


Windshield Rock Chip RepairMobile Windshield Replacement

Windshield repairs aren’t quite the fuss they were some years ago. Some time, not too long ago, windshield whacks, cracks or other damages were a mandatory trip to the glass shop to change the windshield. Nowadays, however, windshield repairs are quite common.

How does it work?

The way the windshield repair works is that special resin is applied directly on the crack to fill it and isolate it – what this does is prevent further damages and it also stops the gap or crack from enlarging.
Sometimes, even the inner layers of the glass are repaired successfully by using a drill to inject this special resin directly inside the other layers.
However, windshield repairs should be looked upon as first-aid on the glass, because even though the job might look perfect and spotless, the windshield won’t be as hardy as it was before the whack – so take special care from the moment you repair it on wards.


Some Last Thoughts on Windshield Repairs:

One last thing you should bear in mind is that even though the windshield repair science has evolved quite a bit on these recent years, there’s a threshold in the damage that can be mended – which means the same as saying that if the damage is too big, the windshield must be replaced.
CPR Auto Glass is an expert when it comes to fixing rock chips or small cracks, and if you’re in need of a small repair we will make sure to try and fix it to save you money. If we can’t fix it then rest assured that the windshield will be replaced fast and efficiently so you can get back on the road as soon as you can.


Bad replacement of a damaged windshield might cause an accident!


Windshield Replacement Temecula

It is one of the most frequent problems that while driving a car, the car faces damage in the windshield. This is because the windshield works as a shield to the damage that might otherwise harm us if the windshield was absent. Windshield is a clear laminate that has been sandwiched between two UV tinted glass sheets, so that if there is a crack on the windshield, it does not immediately gets scattered but gets supported by the laminate. However, in case there is a crack or damage on the windshield, it is very much required that it is repaired properly, so that the driver gets a clear view and there is no chance of accident. Windshield repairing or replacement is quite an expensive factor. Therefore, many car owners tend to hire a company or a windshield repairing company that does the job at a cheap rate, but in return, they do not provide a best replacement. As a result, this tends to cause a severe accident.

What damage can a bad windshield replacement cause?

Earlier, when there was a damage or crack on the windshield, the windshield had to face a complete replacement, but nowadays; many advance technologies have been discovered. A very strong and clear adhesive works as the latest technology that does not require the entire windshield to be replaced. The adhesive can repair the crack and improve the strength of the windshield. If the damage is big, then it requires a replacement. A bad replacement, an improper installation of the windshield might cause an accident as the windshield might pop out of the frame and the roof of the car might collapse into the car. Even if there is an accident and the airbags come out of in order to protect the passengers, then also there can be a severe problem as the airbags have a tremendous force deployed on the windshield that will make the windshield blow out if it is not installed properly.

How to replace the windshield properly?

There are many windshield or car glass repairing and replacing companies in the town that do the task of repairing or replacing the windshields. Some do not have experience, or some charge excessively for a little damage. One company that provides the best service without any problem and of course at the best affordable cost is the company. They claim not be the cheapest but to be the best. At an easy $99, they will replace your damaged and cracked windshield, in the most proper way, that will leave no scars, no scratches and even there will be no rust damages on the windshield when you hire the company. The best part about them is that they provide the best factory replacement glass or windshield and no local glass. They order their glass from companies like Carlite, Guardian, LOF Glass and many more. They even abide by all the rules of the US Federal Safety Standards Guideline and safety of the customers is their prime concern.


Damaged Windshield- Hire a Mobile Windshield Repair Company

Mobile windshield repair company can save you time and money.

Mobile Windshield Repair Company

Imagine a situation when you are on a car trip and your windshield gets damaged all of a sudden. Wouldn’t it be absolutely loathsome if you had to go looking for some body who could fix the car windshield for you, instead of enjoying the trip? Well, with the services of the mobile windshield repair companies, it won’t be that difficult any longer to go about the replacing business any more.

Why Is It So Necessary To Change The Damaged Windshield?

A damaged windshield more than often becomes the reason for obstructed visibility, which is a reason enough for potential accidents to occur. Now, you wouldn’t like that. Would you? Replacing the damaged windshield, therefore, is the best that you can do in order to avoid something like this.

Recruiting the Services of a Mobile Windshield Repairing Company

Let us consider a situation where you have gone on a road trip with your family and friends and have accidentally damaged the windshield of your car. Or consider a situation wherein you have got a more compelling issue waiting at hand, but you have a damaged windshield to deal with. A perfect nuisance. Right? But there is a way out. Instead of going form one repair shop to the other in search of the one that has the replacement for your damaged windshield, why not call the shop to your home itself? Mobile windshield repairing companies do exactly that. There are however, a few things that you need to keep in mind before hiring the services of one such organization.

The first and foremost- make sure that the mobile windshield repair company whose services you are hiring covers the area that you are in. after all, it wouldn’t really look great if the company that you are going for does not cover the area that you want the service for.
Cars of every make and model differ from each other. Therefore, the windshield that fits a car of a certain make won’t fit the frame of a car of different make. It would therefore be prudent to ensure that the mobile windshield repair company that you have hired for your purpose has windshield that is compatible with your car.
Ensuring the quality of the windshield is also an important aspect of the whole affair. It is better to use OEM replacements or those which are comparable to the standards of the OEM parts, than the cheap replacements that are likely to be damaged easily. It would be worthwhile to note in this context that the glasses that are used in the manufacturing of windshields are of fire resistant and unbreakable quality. Glasses that do not have these properties cannot be used in the manufacture of windshields.
Hiring of skilled technicians is also important as it will ensure that the replacement is carried out without a hitch.
It would also do well if you hire the services of a mobile windshield repair company that has a good name in the market rather than going for those companies that offer inferior quality services just to save a few bucks.

It is therefore, best to go for the services of a mobile windshield repairing company that caters to all these needs and provides the best service on the block.


Repair or Replace? Windshield Damage Advise | CPR Auto Glass Repair

What Should You Do In Case Of Windshield Damage?


mobile windshield repair, replacement, installation



Imagine a situation where you are going on a drive with your loved one and all of a sudden the windshield gets damaged. What will you do then? Get it repaired or replaced, of course. But how will you decide upon which will fulfill your purpose better?

Is Tending To A Damaged Windshield Really Necessary?

Let us consider a scenario where you are driving a car with a damaged windshield and all of a sudden you manage to hit something. You come to the conclusion that because of the damaged windshield obstructing your view, you were unable to see clearly and thus the accident. You wouldn’t like this actually happen. Would you? A damaged windshield can be the cause of serious mishaps and it is therefore a good decision to repair or replace it as soon as possible.

Repairing or Replacing- Which Would Be the Best for You?

Whether your automotive windshield needs replacement or repair depends on the amount of damage it has suffered. Most of the windshield repair companies have equipments that can fix damage made by “quarter- sized rock chips” and cracks that are up to 3 inches long, thereby saving both time and money. However, damage of a more extensive nature has to be met with replacement as it is not really possible to deal with damage of this nature by just repairing the windshield. Nonetheless, there still are some companies on the block that repair cracks even up to 12 inches in length.

Replace or repair? The answer to this question also depends on the area of damage that the windshield has suffered. For instance, if the windshield has cracked up at the edge of the windshield, then it is likely that it will spread rapidly, thereby increasing the extent of the damage. It is therefore wise to deal with the crack at the very onset.

Another thing to be noted is that tending to even the smallest of damages at the earliest possible hour is of utmost importance as the delay will cause dirt objects to stick inside the crack, thus affecting the visibility quality.

Repairing Vs Replacing Windshield- The Expenses

Repairing a damaged windshield is definitely way cheaper than replacing the entire thing. However, the amount of money that you would need for repairing the windshield again depends on the extent of the damage that it has suffered. The more severe the damage is, the greater will be the cost of repair.

Replacing a damaged windshield is definitely a more expensive affair. If you are opting for replacing the whole thing then make sure that you are doing so with replacements of OEM standards. Going for inferior quality windshields will save you a few bucks for sure, but it won’t ensure the longevity of the product. The use of replacement products of OEM quality though is a bit of a pocket pinch but it is sure to last for a longer period of time.

A stitch in time saves nine- how many times have we heard of this saying? The same goes for windshield repair as well. The longer you put off tending to damages, the heavier will be the charges of repair. It can also be concluded that whether your windshield requires repair or replacement depends on the extent and location of damage.


Why do you need a glass or windshield repair?

CPR Windshield Repair Temecula Murrieta CA


While driving a car, many problems appear; some are related to the engine, some other are related to the windshield or glass related problems. If there is damage in the glass or windshield of your car, then it always requires an immediate repair, otherwise it might be unsafe and can even cause an accident. Earlier the only way to repair a damaged windshield was by replacing the entire glass or windshield. However, there have been many new techniques that are quite useful to repair only the damaged portion of your windshield, without even have to change the glass. When the crack needs a repair and when it requires a replacement is a question that will receive its answer only from a professional auto glass repair and replacement company.

When do you need to repair or replace the windshield of your car?

Many times when you are passing through a rocky place or an underpass, it happens that a rock hits the glass or windshield of your car. It can also happen that children playing near your car might damage your windshield. In such a case, the windshield requires either a repair or a replacement. Even in case somebody smashes the windshield with an iron rod or the windshield faces bullet firing, then also it will require a repair. However, if there is a clear view on the side of the driver, then the car can be driven at least to the next place where you can find a glass repairing service. But improper windshield repairing might cause accidents, if not treated properly.

What is the windshield repairing or replacing technique?

There is a technology that repairs the damaged windshield without having to change the entire windshield. This can be done by using a special quality adhesive resin in clear or transparent color that will repair the crack on the glass making it almost disappear that the glass was ever damaged. The main highlight of this technology is that the usage of this adhesive leads to an increased strength just the way it was before the damage. However, this can be done only when the damage or crack is small.

Is there anything to panic?

The windshield is not a very fragile thing. It is made up of two glass sheets sandwiching a clear laminate in between them, increasing its strength and longevity, making it quite difficult to break the windshield.

How much does it cost and where to find such a company?

There are many companies that charge $77 to $120 for a simple repairing of the windshield. But the does the job in $55, for the same damage of the length of half a dollar. And if you require a windshield replacement, then it can be done at a cost of $150. For small damage, crack or a big damage that cannot be repaired but needs a replacement, all can be done by the company at a simple appointment as per your convenience.


New Windshield Cost Jeep | CPR Auto Glass Repair

2014-jeep-cherokee-1The cost for a new Jeep windshield really depends on how many Jeeps were sold in that particular body style and or year of the Jeep. If there were more Jeep Grand Cherokee or Jeep Laredo sold than lets say Jeep Commander, than a lot of the times the Jeep Grand Cherokee windshield and or Jeep Laredo windshield typically would be the cheaper of the two.

You should also factor in that if your Jeep is new in age like within the past 3 years  and that body style just came out, than the supply & demand for a factory replacement windshield would obviously be a bit lower making that windshield a little bit higher in price for auto glass shops to purchase.

So in theory if we pay more for that window than you will have to pay more.

Auto glass shops usually pay around the same price for the same windshield, so it really depends alot on the overhead of the company.

You should never give bigger companies your mony that will take from the community you live in.

All n All the average cost for a new Jeep windshield runs between $150.00 – $245.00 depending on the vehicle.