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 You could be paying more for that windshield to be installed at the shop location vs getting the FREE mobile service.

Lets face it the gas prices are just a big bill these days, you figure every 20 miles you drive to get somewhere and another 20 miles to get back to the house you just spent another $15.00 on top of what you just bought.

Wouldn’t you rather stay put somewhere and while you are getting your work done than your windshield could be getting installed. Nobody likes to take there car in to get worked on just to see there car sit in the parking lot for the first half hour not being touched. I know you try to play some apps you might have on your iPhone or droid or you might go to a neighboring store to do some looking around just to pass the time.

But now that you left they might put off your windshield installation another 20 min. do to someone just walked in to get a rock chip repair done on there windshield and they are going to wait because its only going to only take about 20 min. to get the windshield repair done.

So you show back up to see how your car is coming along and you see that the car is pulled in but the windshield has not been installed. Now your getting a little irritated at the situation so you go up to the desk to ask when do you think my car is going to have the windshield installed, “I have to leave to get my kids from school soon.” The lady or guy will then probably give you an excuse or tell you that he is going to put two guys on it right now and the windshield installation will only take about 30 min.

Don’t you think the appointment time should be when they start to work on your windshield and not drag there feet.

This is were mobile windshield installation comes in handy, unless you call the other guys for your mobile windshield installation to be done cause there appointment window times are 8am – 12pm or 1pm – 5pm.

Here at CPR Auto Glass of Murrieta we like to give appointment times on the hour or every half hour just to insure we will be showing up around that time to install your new windshield, we may be about 15 min. early or even 20 min. late but you could be sure that we will be installing your new windshield when we show up and its only going to take about 30 – 45 min to install your new windshield.



Fast, FREE Mobile Windshield Replacement | CPR Auto Glass Repair

  Need a windshield replacement done today? Don’t have time to take your car in? CPR Auto Glass Repair offers a fast and free mobile service of windshield replacement, door glass replacement, rock chip repair, and even window regulator repair on-site to your home or office FREE of charge.

CPR Auto Glass Repair has been doing mobile windshield replacement since 2001, we have installed over 10,000 windshields and door windows since then.

Get your FREE quote today and if you schedule an appointment before 12pm than more and likely you will get that windshield or door glass replacement done the same day.

CPR Auto Glass Repair likes to give actual appointment times on the hour or half hour so you don’t have to sit by the window between the hours of 8-12 or 1-5 wasting your time. When CPR Auto Glass shows up around the time that we set the appointment time to be, than the windshield replacement or door window repair should take under an hour to preform, most cars take only 30-45 min. to replace a windshield or door glass.


Tips on Windshield Rock Chip Repairs | CPR Auto Glass Temecula

Tips on windshield rock chip repair from the local gas stations, and are they going by the rules?

Every once and awhile we wait over at a shell gas station for our auto glass delivery to make it easy on the auto glass supplier.

Being there we have noticed a windshield repair company or some other type of company selling an all around cleaner, wax spray can deal.

Anyways I’m watching how these windshield repairs are being done and i’ve got to ask “who taught these people”?

Tip #1 If your looking to get a windshield rock chip repair preformed on your vehicle than make sure the windshield does not get wet for at least 2 hrs prior. The moisture inside the damaged windshield will keep the crack resin from adhering to the glass. I watched them scrub and squeegee off all the windshield’s before preforming the rock chip repair on the vehicle.

Tip #2 are they putting you on the phone with your insurance company to put in a auto glass claim, or are they just taking your vin# and insurance information so they can put the windshield repair claim in for you?

How ever it works it seems to me like lack of experience and to much insurance scamming.
Has anyone ever had this done at a gas station before?  Please tell me.


Have A Safe Memorial Weekend | CPR Auto Glass Temecula

    Its never the car’s fault when people fight or get mad, so why is it that the windshield gets the wrong end of the stick. It’s not uncommon that CPR Auto Glass goes on a mobile job to do a windshield replacement or door glass repair do to a fight or argument.

When it comes to mobile auto glass replacement or repair CPR Auto Glass Repair knows what it takes to get the job done right. When a windshield gets smashed to were you should not be driving the car a mobile replacement is much needed, needed to were the glass is down every crack and crevice of your car.

CPR Auto Glass Repair likes to give a little more than just a quick vacuum, after vacuuming the broken glass we like to spray and maybe wipe down the dash with a cleaner.

CPR Auto Glass Repair likes to try and go that extra mile to fix other things like dents in the door or glue down a mirror, we have even cleaned up rust on the car from a previous windshield replacement at no charge.

So when the fun is all over from your Holiday weekend remember that CPR Auto Glass Repair is here when you need it the most, and getting you back to work without interrupting your daily schedule.



Auto Glass Repair Gift Certificate’s Are Available


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Need A Last Minute Gift Idea.

Get a gift certificate for there windshield replacement or door glass repair.

Just give us a call at 951-239-5040 and we can send you one through email or snail mail.

What better way than to pay for that broken windshield to get replaced, or if there door window fell off track and won’t roll up or down anymore CPR Auto Glass Repair can replace or install a new window regulator to make that window work again.