Factory Replacement Auto Glass / OEM Auto Glass Replacement

Auto Glass Rplacement / Auto Glass Repair

There are quiet a few auto glass manufacturers out there today and allot of them have been around for years that have not got there chance to be a OEM window for an automobile company.

This is how factory replacement auto glass gets to become an OEM auto glass replacement,

Lets say you work for the automobile company and your job is to get bids for auto glass that is being installed in all the new cars and trucks for that particular year range, lets say 5 year contract. So you go ahead and start to entertain auto glass bids from pilkington auto glass, pgw auto glass fyg auto glass etc. etc.

Ok so you have all your auto glass bids for those cars and trucks, of course you are going to choose the lower of the auto glass bids so you can sell your overall product at a reasonable price right, right.

so when you look at the tag on the auto glass window threw the years you will see that the automobile car manufacturers will change there brand almost every time they change the body style.

That is how Factory Replacement Auto Glass Becomes OEM Auto Glass and vice verse.



Is OEM Auto Glass same as Auto Glass from China

PGW/PPG must think that Auto Glass made in China or Mexico is just as good as Auto Glass that they make in the states just take a closer look at these pics I took of there windshield label’s.

So if PGW/PPG lets China or Mexico manufacture PGW/PPG auto glass with their own material and machinery, than they are saying that a windshield or door glass for your car made in Mexico or China is just as good as their’s, PPG/PGW that is.

Here is what they say, Pittsburgh Glass Works Manufactured Glass

“PGW’s principal glass production facilities are in North America and Europe. Fourteen plants operate in the United States, six of which produce automotive original and replacement glass products. Two of the company’s three facilities in Canada also produce automotive original and replacement glass.”

You would think if they needed more help on manufacturing auto glass they would start a new plant, ok I forgot its cheeper for them to outsource it from accross the world and get wholesale money for it.


Safelite Auto Glass and the Windows they Install

Safelite’s family of companies, the largest glass manufacturer in the world, makes no OEM glass. It might seem incredible that despite Safelite making more glass than anyone else, not one auto maker, foreign or domestic, wants to buy that glass to put in their cars. We think this speaks volumes about the quality of the aftermarket product these companies are installing in millions of cars per year.