Does your Windshield Leak | Need A Windshield Repair

To avoid certain windshield leaks auto glass technician’s should not take certain short cuts when installing a windshield. like this car here the windshield installation probably wouldn’t be that bad if the auto glass technician took a bit more time on installing the windshield.


We Fix That Cars Windshield From Leaking | CPR Auto Glass Repair

Getting Moisture on the inside of your windshield? Does it sound like your in a wind tunnel while driving?

CPR Auto Glass has seen and fixed just about all types of windshield leaks, from water dripping down the windshield to moisture gathering on the inside of your windshield in the morning.

Most of the time CPR Auto Glass can just do a spot seal in the area that the windshield is leaking for around $50.00

“All windshield’s installed new by CPR Auto Glass are given a lifetime warranty on any air or water leaks”


Fix My Car Door Window, It Won’t Roll Up or Down

Tired of pulling that door window up while pushing the up button? Did that door window fall down into the door and you can’t get it back up? CPR Auto Glass can put that door window back on track for you or replace that window regulator that just broke.

With over 15 years of experience CPR Auto Glass has seen just about everything when it comes to door windows and the regulators that control them to go up or down.

Most door window regulators today are ment made out of metal and plastic, not a good combo when it’s the metal cable pulling on the plastic mounts inside the door. Over time the plastic gets brittle do to the weather and it does’nt help that the car manufacturers use a low tensile strength plastic. But we all know that the car manufacturers like to sell lots of parts a year to make up for the low priced cars.



$10.00 OFF Windshield Replacement Cost | CPR Auto Glass

Get your auto glass coupon for windshield replacement, door glass replacement, rock chip repair or fix your windshield from leaking. CPR Auto Glass Repair coupon offers just click and print.

Here at CPR Auto Glass we think window replacement for your car or truck should not be expensive. After all don’t we all have kids that are in baseball, karate or dance that is getting our extra cash what about winter balls or graduation the list goes on and on for us doesn’t it.

Windshield replacement just should not be that expensive Take a look at the rip off report .





Shop Small Business Saturday | CPR Auto Glass Repair | Temecula CA

Get your discount on that windshield replacement through Shop Small Business Saturday with CPR Auto Glass Repair, A Temecula CA mobile auto glass shop.

There’s already Black Friday and Cyber Monday to officially kick off the holiday shopping season ( sales started popping up all over the place as soon as Halloween was over), so now we have Shop Small Business Saturday to get you A shopping discount through American Express.

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Auto Glass Repair!! Auto Glass Repair!! ((Need)) Auto Glass Repair!!!!!!!

Extra!!!!  Extra!!!! Read All About it. ((CPR Auto Glass Repair Coupon)) Get your auto glass coupons for any windshield replacement or auto glass repair needs you may have.

Around the Holidays we understand that windshield replacement is not on the ta do list nor is any auto glass repair for that matter, but when a window breaks than you really have no choice but to get it replaced right.

CPR Auto Glass Repair understands that you don’t like to pay high prices for Un Expected bills around the Holidays so here is a coupon for getting your windshield replaced or a Rock Chip Repair done and even a windshield leak fixed so you don’t get that mildew smell anymore.

CPR Auto Glass Repair is a mobile auto glass repair shop that covers a 30 mile radius around Temecula Valley CA.


Factory Replacement Auto Glass / OEM Auto Glass Replacement

Auto Glass Rplacement / Auto Glass Repair

There are quiet a few auto glass manufacturers out there today and allot of them have been around for years that have not got there chance to be a OEM window for an automobile company.

This is how factory replacement auto glass gets to become an OEM auto glass replacement,

Lets say you work for the automobile company and your job is to get bids for auto glass that is being installed in all the new cars and trucks for that particular year range, lets say 5 year contract. So you go ahead and start to entertain auto glass bids from pilkington auto glass, pgw auto glass fyg auto glass etc. etc.

Ok so you have all your auto glass bids for those cars and trucks, of course you are going to choose the lower of the auto glass bids so you can sell your overall product at a reasonable price right, right.

so when you look at the tag on the auto glass window threw the years you will see that the automobile car manufacturers will change there brand almost every time they change the body style.

That is how Factory Replacement Auto Glass Becomes OEM Auto Glass and vice verse.



Coupon 4 Window Replacement Rock Chip Repair or Leaks

Windshield Replacement Coupon CPR Auto Glass RepairGet your coupon for auto glass repair or windshield replacement at CPR Auto Glass. $10 off windshield or side door window replacement or get a rock chip repaired for only $45

CPR Auto Glass coupon


Murrieta Auto Glass Repair Windshield Replacement Quote

 Get a online price for a windshield replacement or repair from CPR Auto Glass of Murrieta ca, need a new door glass replaced CPR Auto Glass provides fast FREE mobile service to your home or office.



Auto Window Replacement Specials | CPR Auto Glass Repair

CPR Auto Glass provides 3 easy ways to get auto glass prices online, receive a window replacement quote for your auto in a form of a email, text or receive a call back from one of our staff.

Don’t let our auto glass prices fool you, we order our glass from the same suppliers all the other glass shops order through. Its just like auto body shops or even auto repair shops, there is limited suppliers on who we can order from.

So more and likely there factory replacement glass is the same factory replacement glass we will be getting for you, we say don’t waste your money it really comes down to who is the best at what they do and who has the most experience in that field.

Would you rather have someone who replaces glass on houses or building most of the time install the window on your 2011 BMW or would you rather have someone who replaces auto glass all day install your 2011 BMW window?

How about having a large company that has had to cut there overhead lately with hiring and training new employees just to save money install your window?

CPR Auto Glass has been in the business of auto glass replacements and only auto glass replacements and repair for the last 15 years, so when it comes to new cars and truck on the road today you bet we have the knowledge to get the job done.