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  Need a windshield replacement done today? Don’t have time to take your car in? CPR Auto Glass Repair offers a fast and free mobile service of windshield replacement, door glass replacement, rock chip repair, and even window regulator repair on-site to your home or office FREE of charge.

CPR Auto Glass Repair has been doing mobile windshield replacement since 2001, we have installed over 10,000 windshields and door windows since then.

Get your FREE quote today and if you schedule an appointment before 12pm than more and likely you will get that windshield or door glass replacement done the same day.

CPR Auto Glass Repair likes to give actual appointment times on the hour or half hour so you don’t have to sit by the window between the hours of 8-12 or 1-5 wasting your time. When CPR Auto Glass shows up around the time that we set the appointment time to be, than the windshield replacement or door window repair should take under an hour to preform, most cars take only 30-45 min. to replace a windshield or door glass.


Cheap Windshield Replacement Quotes | CPR Auto Glass Repair

Windshield Cancer A Cheap windshield Replacement can be just that, CHEEP.

Lots of auto glass repair shops that do other specialties like window tinting,  home and commercial glass repair, are not always up to date when it comes to windshield replacement.

Windshield replacement today has a lot to do with the crash test they preform on your vehicle before hitting the road for sale.

The safety standards of your windshield installation today require that your windshield is to have a urethane bonding system to your vehicles pinch weld, this system combines the windshield strength to part of the vehicles structure.

If someone is to miss a few important steps on the newer automobile, than later down the road your windshield can become a problem.

Common problems on a windshield replacement these days is rust, and being this close to the beach don’t help these situations. You may not know your windshield even has rust under it for years, maybe not until its time to replace your windshield again.

What causes this rust to start is getting those cheap windshield replacements done, when a windshield gets replaced sometimes you may scratch the paint under the windshield upon removal.

I you don’t address the scratch with the proper care, the next time it rains these areas behind the windshield will rust.

A rusty pinch weld is a week pinch weld, eventually that rust will creep under the urethane bond and cause the windshield to leak.

Repaired CancerWhenever CPR Auto Glass Repair runs into one of these rusty pinch-weld problems we like to wire wheel it out and apply some rust inhibitor then finish it with some pinch-weld primer on the to prevent the rust to come back and help the windshield to seal properly to the automobile.



Tips on Windshield Rock Chip Repairs | CPR Auto Glass Temecula

Tips on windshield rock chip repair from the local gas stations, and are they going by the rules?

Every once and awhile we wait over at a shell gas station for our auto glass delivery to make it easy on the auto glass supplier.

Being there we have noticed a windshield repair company or some other type of company selling an all around cleaner, wax spray can deal.

Anyways I’m watching how these windshield repairs are being done and i’ve got to ask “who taught these people”?

Tip #1 If your looking to get a windshield rock chip repair preformed on your vehicle than make sure the windshield does not get wet for at least 2 hrs prior. The moisture inside the damaged windshield will keep the crack resin from adhering to the glass. I watched them scrub and squeegee off all the windshield’s before preforming the rock chip repair on the vehicle.

Tip #2 are they putting you on the phone with your insurance company to put in a auto glass claim, or are they just taking your vin# and insurance information so they can put the windshield repair claim in for you?

How ever it works it seems to me like lack of experience and to much insurance scamming.
Has anyone ever had this done at a gas station before?  Please tell me.


Have A Safe Memorial Weekend | CPR Auto Glass Temecula

    Its never the car’s fault when people fight or get mad, so why is it that the windshield gets the wrong end of the stick. It’s not uncommon that CPR Auto Glass goes on a mobile job to do a windshield replacement or door glass repair do to a fight or argument.

When it comes to mobile auto glass replacement or repair CPR Auto Glass Repair knows what it takes to get the job done right. When a windshield gets smashed to were you should not be driving the car a mobile replacement is much needed, needed to were the glass is down every crack and crevice of your car.

CPR Auto Glass Repair likes to give a little more than just a quick vacuum, after vacuuming the broken glass we like to spray and maybe wipe down the dash with a cleaner.

CPR Auto Glass Repair likes to try and go that extra mile to fix other things like dents in the door or glue down a mirror, we have even cleaned up rust on the car from a previous windshield replacement at no charge.

So when the fun is all over from your Holiday weekend remember that CPR Auto Glass Repair is here when you need it the most, and getting you back to work without interrupting your daily schedule.



Auto Door Window Repair or Replacement | CPR Auto Glass Repair

Thinking of doing that door window regulator installation on your own.

let CPR Auto Glass do the installation for you today so you don’t have to get frustrated and mad trying to install the regulator on your own.

CPR Auto Glass only charges around $60.00 to install the window regulator you just purchased from the auto parts store.

From removing your old window regulator to installing a new one you just purchased through the parts store, CPR is equipped with the tools and knowledge to get it installed for you.

Even if your just switching your glass from a used junk yard door you just bought, our low prices for installation is a no brain-er. Don’t rack your brain trying to do the installation yourself, its just not worth it.

Some door panels can be very tricky, you don’t want to start pulling and yanking on things that will break. Your first brake might be the cost of a  professional to do the installation for you.

Like this Saturn door, to install a window regulator or door glass most Saturn’s require you to remove the outer skin panel just for that to happen.



Stop Paying Corp. $$$ For Auto Glass Repair | CPR Auto Glass Repair

Cheap Windshield Replacement70% off list price, CPR Auto Glass has the ability to price there windshield replacements 70% off list prices. Some corporate auto glass companies out there cant touch the prices we are able to give and that’s why they are starting to squirm and say things like, “but but that windshield must be used or they are going to add tax or something”.

The other guys will say anything to get the job, that’s what they are trained to do.

Here at CPR Auto Glass we don’t like to hide anything, all of our auto glass prices are with installation and we don’t charge disposal fees or add taxes after the job is complete. in fact our auto glass prices we give is the number you will pay out the door NO hidden fees.

Go ahead and call the other guys and listen to the run around they will give you, then ask them if that price includes disposal fees or taxes or even mobile service. I bet they will add something on you.




Smash N Grab Thieves Breaking Car Door Windows

CPR Auto Glass Repair in Temecula: Tips on avoiding a broken car door window this holiday season. It only takes a thief seconds to smash a door glass window and get what they see.

1) You should never leave valuable items in your car  in view of thieves through the window.

2) If you get out and place the item in your trunk you should have a way to lock it in so the thief cant break the door glass to pop your trunk and get what you just put in there.

3) If the item is small enough to take with you its best to just take it with you so you won’t have to replace a window and your valuables.

4) Try  to park your car under lighting, gouls don’t like to be in the light.

5)  Automobiles are not a good hiding spots for x-mas gifts we have replaced many door windows from thieves stealing gifts out of automobiles.



Save up to 70% OFF Auto Glass Repair | CPR Auto Glass Temecula CA

CPR Auto Glass is one of the best competitor on auto glass repair or windshield replacement in Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore & surrounding cities.

Don’t pay those high auto glass replacement prices that you are getting from our competitors, all they are is just a high price nothing else.

Like I’ve said many times before would you rather go to Pep Boys to get the motor rebuilt in your car or would you rather go to a personal mechanic that has been recommended by other mechanics to get your motor rebuilt.

Yes you will get the same warranty and yes the job will get done, but what does the extra money you just spent get you?

CPR Auto Glass is a family owned and operated mobile auto glass shop that shops were you shop and spends its tax dollars in your cities so don’t let those other big auto glass shops take our tax dollars from our schools and other important needs.




CPR Auto Glass offers the lowest price 4 Car Window Repair

Car Window Repair with CPR Auto Glass just got a little easier.

Now we are able to offer window regulator replacement at a low price and most of the window regulators we have and can install the same day.

For example a 1997 Honda Civic 2 door a new window regulator installed for the drivers door runs $110.00 and that price includes the tax, labor and FREE mobile service to your place.

So when it comes to that door window shaking or making a clicking sound and not wanting to roll up or down properly than it could very well be that window regulator has gone bad and you might need to replace it.

If you have your own window regulator than we can install them for around $55.00 each if you choose not to do it yourself.

Some of the regulators are not that bad to do it yourself, but than again some can make you feel clueless when you take the door pannel off and look inside.

so when you call CPR Auto Glass for your repair or replacement than you could rest assure that the job will be done in a timely manner and the proper way with a guarantee on our workmanship.


Auto Glass Repair Gift Certificate’s Are Available


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Need A Last Minute Gift Idea.

Get a gift certificate for there windshield replacement or door glass repair.

Just give us a call at 951-239-5040 and we can send you one through email or snail mail.

What better way than to pay for that broken windshield to get replaced, or if there door window fell off track and won’t roll up or down anymore CPR Auto Glass Repair can replace or install a new window regulator to make that window work again.