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Wrong Windshield Glue to Install Windshields withSome auto glass repair shops out there don’t use adhesives made specificly for automotive glass replacement just to give a cheaper Auto Glass Replacement Price.

They will always tell you one thing and sell you the other, I guess they think if you cant see it then they have hidden it.

Not true on this chevy suburban, after the quarter glass was installed on this chevy it only took one good sunny day to heat up the window hot enough to start melting the adhesive used to install the window.

The auto glass adhesive used on this window is called Butyl Tape, it is a tacky compressible tape about 5/16 round and on a 10ft roll used to install bolt in type automotive glass windows.

If an auto glass repair shop is using this tape on non bolt in type windows, than what is going to hold the window to the car when it starts to get hot out. The butyl tape when it gets hot it starts to get really stringy and droopy, try and picture putting peanut butter on a grahm cracker and sticking it to the glass window, its going to stick rite? now when the sun starts to warm up the outside of the glass the peanut butter will start to melt and the grahm cracker will start to slide down the window. Thats the same thing with Butyl Tape, it never hardens to a solid, its always tacky and compressible like bubble gum.

Some shops are even using urethane found in hardware stores, not even automotive urethanes.


Murrieta CPR Auto Glass Accepts All Insurance Coverage Murrieta CA.

Murrieta CPR Auto Glass Provides Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Replacement Services for all Insurance companies with a tier 1 status in Murrieta CA and all surrounding cities.

Curent letter that CPR Auto Glass recieved from Allstate Insurance Company this afternoon.

Attn:  Allstate Tier 1 Glass Service Provider

Subj:  Allstate Glass Service Provider status update

Thank you for your continued high value service to Allstate Insurance Company and our policyholders.  Your performance in Allstate Glass Claim Express continues to meet or exceed our expectations as demonstrated by your company’s most recent Key Performance Indicator statistics now available for review in your METRYX profile.  Your performance results have earned continued participation in the Tier 1 Level of the Allstate Glass Claim Express program.


Allstate Insurance Company

This message is sent on behalf of Allstate Insurance Company by LYNX Services, Program Administrator for Glass Claim Express.


Baseball Season is here watch out for your Windshield !!


Windshield hit by a foul ballDon’t let your car or truck be a victim of the foul ball. This Nissan Altima was ironically an umpires car at a softball game, I think he called the guy out after that.

CPR Auto Glass Provides a FREE mobile service of auto glass replacements and windshield repairs for the cities of Murrieta Temecula and all cities within a 35 mile radius.

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CPR Auto Glass Temecula Does Stone Chip, Window Regulator Replacement and Leak Repair

CPR Auto Glass of Temecula gives a lifetime warranty on all windshield repair from ever spreading. How much does it cost for a Rock Chip Repair? CPR Auto Glass Charges $55.00 For a ding or chip in your Windshield up to the size of a quarter. If That Repair ever spreads than you get your money back or put it towards a New Windshield Replacement.

Has your car door window fell down and you can’t get it up? Does it sound like a cable is twisting inside the door? If so more and likely you may need a new window regulator installed. CPR Auto Glass does window regulator installation for $60.00, just purchase that window regulator  from the dealer or your local napa auto part store and Give CPR Auto Glass a call @ 951-239-5040 to save money and get it installed today.

For all other Auto Glass Repair or Replacement needs you can fill out our Online Quote Form for an Email, Text, or Phone Call Price Quote.
Also if you need a leak fixed on your windshield we do that also.


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CPR Auto Glass in Temecula & Murrieta CA not only does windshield crack repair and auto glass replacements for cars & trucks in Temecula or Murrieta CA, CPR Auto Glass has FREE mobile service of auto glass replacement, windshield repair, side door windows and exterior or interior mirror replacements as well for cars and trucks.