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It is always recommended that you look out for auto glass installation and repair services when you have problem with your car windows. Auto glass plays a big role in protecting and safeguarding the driver and the passengers while the car is in motion and therefore you should not compromise at all. Although, there are many firms that handle auto glass installation and repair, but you have to be selective while choosing such firms. Here we take a quick look at some of the things that you need to keep in mind while selecting auto glass installation and repair companies.

When you are looking for auto glass repair firm you need to look out for the location as well. If you are in Temecula CA you need to search for auto glass installation and repair in Temecula CA which will make the job easier for you whenever you need their services.
Variety of Service

When you are searching for companies that offer auto glass installation and repair services you need to look for variety of services. There are some firms that only focus on windshield installation and repair. However, you should look for firms in Temecula CA that also handle other services like door window replacement and headlight restoration. This can help you to stick to one auto glass installation firm rather than looking for different firms for different reasons.
Quality of Service

Quality does matter in every service that you purchase and auto glass installation service is no exception. It is recommended that you look out for some of the reliable and reputed firms that can handle auto glass installation and repair for your vehicle. You can go through some research and read testimonials and get customer feedback to decide which company offers better quality service in Temecula CA. The quality of the glass installed also does matter so when you focus on quality you have to keep in mind the quality of the new auto glass.
Mobile Service

This is the most important factor that you should not miss when you are looking for companies that provide auto glass installation and repair. If there is a problem with your windshield it is important that you do not drive your car. Instead you can call technicians that can visit your location and can fix or repair auto glass which saves you the trouble of going all the way to garage and fixing it. It also saves you extra money as you would have to spend on tow services and gas.


Avoiding Auto Glass Repair | CPR Auto Glass Murrieta CA

side vent glass replacement

There are many people who are weird about their vehicles and do not want to get a single scratch on it. For this purpose, they secure their vehicle inside garages or wrap it through cover so that it may not get harm through anything. However, circumstances may happen when a person have to face some damages on his vehicle and one thing that matters a lot is damage of glass. This is very important part of a vehicle and a person does not want to get it repair at all times. For this purpose, there are few tips available that are effective in providing support to the people so that they can save their money in avoiding auto glass repair.

This is possible to protect your glasses of a vehicle while it is parked at the roadside or in a locality if it is covered. This may protect other parts of the vehicle as well. Little chips and cracks don’t seem like a big deal, but they are definitely something to be concerned about. That’s because those minute imperfections can soon snowball into major cracks that obscure your visibility, undermine the structural integrity of your entire windshield, and are just all-around unsafe. Even the smallest cracks or chips can suddenly and rapidly grow: whether it’s caused by the glass expanding and contracting under temperature changes or a rough road creates enough turbulence to jar the windshield, these “minor” issues can fast become large problems that necessitate complete windshield replacement.

It is also important to go to those repair shops which are authorized or are good in fitting glasses at convenient rate. This will save time and money of that customer. It is advised to put your car or vehicle inside garage or at a safe place wherever it is necessary so that a person can keep the car in a better position. However, replacing your entire windshield isn’t required if you choose to have your windshield fixed while the damage is still slight. Most automotive glass shops offer windshield crack repair services that can practically erase tiny chips and fractures. Using a special epoxy and professional application tools, these experts fill in the split or divot in your windshield. The epoxy is then cured with a UV-light, and your windshield is as good as new. Not only will the damage be visually eliminated, but the epoxy used for the windshield chip repair actually restores the structural integrity of your automotive glass. In short, you won’t have to worry about the crack growing or the chip becoming a major fracture any more.


Repair or Replace? Windshield Damage Advise | CPR Auto Glass Repair

What Should You Do In Case Of Windshield Damage?


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Imagine a situation where you are going on a drive with your loved one and all of a sudden the windshield gets damaged. What will you do then? Get it repaired or replaced, of course. But how will you decide upon which will fulfill your purpose better?

Is Tending To A Damaged Windshield Really Necessary?

Let us consider a scenario where you are driving a car with a damaged windshield and all of a sudden you manage to hit something. You come to the conclusion that because of the damaged windshield obstructing your view, you were unable to see clearly and thus the accident. You wouldn’t like this actually happen. Would you? A damaged windshield can be the cause of serious mishaps and it is therefore a good decision to repair or replace it as soon as possible.

Repairing or Replacing- Which Would Be the Best for You?

Whether your automotive windshield needs replacement or repair depends on the amount of damage it has suffered. Most of the windshield repair companies have equipments that can fix damage made by “quarter- sized rock chips” and cracks that are up to 3 inches long, thereby saving both time and money. However, damage of a more extensive nature has to be met with replacement as it is not really possible to deal with damage of this nature by just repairing the windshield. Nonetheless, there still are some companies on the block that repair cracks even up to 12 inches in length.

Replace or repair? The answer to this question also depends on the area of damage that the windshield has suffered. For instance, if the windshield has cracked up at the edge of the windshield, then it is likely that it will spread rapidly, thereby increasing the extent of the damage. It is therefore wise to deal with the crack at the very onset.

Another thing to be noted is that tending to even the smallest of damages at the earliest possible hour is of utmost importance as the delay will cause dirt objects to stick inside the crack, thus affecting the visibility quality.

Repairing Vs Replacing Windshield- The Expenses

Repairing a damaged windshield is definitely way cheaper than replacing the entire thing. However, the amount of money that you would need for repairing the windshield again depends on the extent of the damage that it has suffered. The more severe the damage is, the greater will be the cost of repair.

Replacing a damaged windshield is definitely a more expensive affair. If you are opting for replacing the whole thing then make sure that you are doing so with replacements of OEM standards. Going for inferior quality windshields will save you a few bucks for sure, but it won’t ensure the longevity of the product. The use of replacement products of OEM quality though is a bit of a pocket pinch but it is sure to last for a longer period of time.

A stitch in time saves nine- how many times have we heard of this saying? The same goes for windshield repair as well. The longer you put off tending to damages, the heavier will be the charges of repair. It can also be concluded that whether your windshield requires repair or replacement depends on the extent and location of damage.


Squirrel!! Do You Park Near Open Fields | CPR Auto Glass Repair

Squirrels and auto electric problemsThere is a squirrel under your hood chewing up stuff?

I went on a job the other day to replace a windshield on a Nissan Sentra and we had to start it up and move it into a better position to do the windshield replacement.

After parking it I start to work on taking the side trim off of the car, then I pop the hood to start taking the wipers and bottom trim off the car. As soon as I open the hood a Squirrel jumps down and tries to hide in the engine compartment.

The squirrel would just not get out of the engine compartment, at first I tried to just work around this little guy but it got to a point were I thought the squirrel might just want to see how I taste.

At first I thought he would just leave if I rustled some noise to scare him out but that didn’t work, so I had to get my long pick tool to give him a little poke. He took off like he was just stabbed! Lol

Just a reminder to not park near open fields over night, a squirrel just might make it there bed.


Weed Wacker Broke my Side Door Glass | CPR Door Glass Repair


20130709_090034Be carefull of your surroundings when using a weed wacker. Weed wackers break all types of windows, if the window or car door glass is within 30 feet of a weed wacker than it is very possible that the high speed of the whipping wheel and string of a weed wacker can propel a small rock fast enough to break a window on your car or house for that matter.

In this picture is a side door glass of a newer dodge durango that became victim of a flying rock thrown from a weed wacker, the cost of this particular window was around $250.00 only because it was a special type of glass called laminated glass.

Laminated glass is made just like a windshield with two layers of glass laminated together to form one window. The lamination is to protect you from flying objects comming into the car or keep a thief from breaking into a car.

Not to many car manufacturers these days are putting in laminated windows for the side door glass, it seems to me that they are just trying it out for now to see how things go. Me personally