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20130709_090034Be carefull of your surroundings when using a weed wacker. Weed wackers break all types of windows, if the window or car door glass is within 30 feet of a weed wacker than it is very possible that the high speed of the whipping wheel and string of a weed wacker can propel a small rock fast enough to break a window on your car or house for that matter.

In this picture is a side door glass of a newer dodge durango that became victim of a flying rock thrown from a weed wacker, the cost of this particular window was around $250.00 only because it was a special type of glass called laminated glass.

Laminated glass is made just like a windshield with two layers of glass laminated together to form one window. The lamination is to protect you from flying objects comming into the car or keep a thief from breaking into a car.

Not to many car manufacturers these days are putting in laminated windows for the side door glass, it seems to me that they are just trying it out for now to see how things go. Me personally


Replacing a Windshield after your Car Hood Flies up | CPR Auto Glass Repair Temecula

Smashed Windshield From Hood








There are a number of reasons you could need a windshield replacement.

From rocks coming off of trucks to the heat and cold elements that often cause a small crack to become major problems, your windshield can get cracked quite easily.

You could also forget to properly latch your car hood.

This would cause the hood to fly up during what would be the most inopportune time which is while driving at highway speeds.

This often at minimum causes the windshield to get cracked or even shattered.

This experience can be quite scary as well as dangerous due to either glass injuries or even a highway accident due to a lack of vision.

These types of accidental issues have caused millions in damage and have even been known to take lives. At this point, needing a windshield replacement would be the luckiest of things that could happen in this scenario.Windshield Replacement after the hood smashed it
Should something like this happen to you and you need a windshield replacement, you can count on our mobile windshield replacement service to give your embarrassing and scary moment a little breath of fresh air.

We service a good portion of Riverside and San Diego counties and can often give you same day service if reported before noon.

Most windshield replacements take about an hour and you could easily be back on the road a few hours later.

Although not latching your hood properly can do quite a number on your windshield, it’s an experience that usually only happens once in a person’s lifetime as it is often not easily forgotten.

But if an event like this does happen, know that at least you are able to get your windshield replacement done easily and quickly. Always remember if you open your car hood for any reason, be sure that it is properly latched before resuming driving and not only save your windshield but possibly lives.


Why You Should Look For Quality Auto Glass Repair

Get Quality Auto Glass Replacement Temecula, Murrieta CA



Gotten into an accident? Recently had your car’s windows break? If so, you already know that you will need to find a specialist who can offer auto glass repair. Usually, a knee jerk reaction of buyers is to try to find the cheapest auto glass repair shop that they can find in their local vicinity, and immediately ask them to fix their car windows. This is not only a bad idea – it’s an awful one.

In the world of auto repair, you will often get what you pay for. This means that the auto glass repair services that you buy may end up costing more in the long run, due to ordering shoddy replacement glass, or simply due to negligence on the part of the repairer. Imagine breaking a window, paying for it to be replaced, then having the window get broken once more due to the replacement window being improperly reattached to your car. Would you want to have to pay twice to fix the same window?

High quality auto glass repair shops also offer better customer service, and faster repair services. Going to a cheap glass repair shop will likely mean that you will have to wait a longer time to fix that windshield, and that can mean having to rent a car for a longer time just so that you can get to and from work. Moreover, most customers agree that paying a little bit extra for service with a smile, as well as additional tips for car care, is a smart idea.

A quality auto glass repair shop will likely not be the cheapest in town, but it still can be one of the more affordable ones. Ask around to get quotes, and ask about their customer satisfaction rate. As long as you look for a quality repairer, your wallet and windshields will thank you.


Windshield Replacement – When Is It Necessary | CPR Auto Glass Temecula

Windshield Replacement








Depending on the size of the crack in your vehicle windshield, you may be able to have it repaired instead of having to get a windshield replacement. Small cracks or nicks that are in the middle of the windshield can usually be repaired. You should not wait too long to have the crack or nick repaired, otherwise you will likely need a windshield replacement. Over time, small cracks can spread, expanding to a length where they can no longer be repaired. A spreading crack also puts the driver and passengers at risk. As the crack spreads, the entire integrity of the windshield degrades, and where the windshield would have, in a repaired state, prevented a flying object from breaking through the windshield, a long crack will have weakened the windshield to the point where a flying rock will shatter the windshield and send the rock, and flying glass, at the vehicle’s driver and passengers. Worst yet, a weakened windshield will resist impact less when something, or someone, inside the car hits it. A minor injury could become a major injury or worse.

Getting Windshield Replacement Done Right

While more than a quarter of the time a windshield replacement is unnecessary and a repair is sufficient, when you do need to get a windshield replaced there are a number of factors to keep in mind. First, if you decide to do it yourself realize that breakage during installation is a common occurrence. Even if you go to the local wreck yard and get a windshield, there’s no guarantee it’s going to get home and into your vehicle in one piece. Given the time a DIY job takes, and the risk, consider using a professional, and certified, windshield replacement specialist.

ARG certified windshield replacement specialists will know exactly the windshield needed for your vehicle, and proper installation will be guaranteed. Most windshield replacement companies offer same day appointments too. And they will be able to tell if your windshield can be repaired or will need to be to be replaced. It’s important to protect yourself, your family and your vehicle and get the right job done the right way. A poorly done repair or windshield replacement can put you and your family in more risk than if the windshield had been left alone. Make sure the person doing your windshield replacement is ARG certified. Your windshield provides important protection.


Windshield Repair Riverside & San Diego County California

CPR Auto Glass provides quality mobile windshield replacement & repair






It is not a matter of “if” but “when” our windshield will need TLC or replacing. In fact it is the number one most common claim made to insurance companies, windshield repair. Commuters in Riverside & San Diego California, the need for some type of windshield replacement is 1 out of every 3 cars every two years. This according to AAA of California. So it begs the question; “To whom do you trust when dealing with your vehicle?” Simple, CPR Auto Glass Repair.

Trust comes from reputation. Reputation is earned, by corporate and consumer solutions. Not fancy or fad marketing ploys. Reputation in the form of:


– Tier 1 Status with all major Insurance Companies today.


What does this mean? Integrity driven solutions for a long period of time. Integrity driven solutions come from customers and products used. Let’s talk about products:

  • The highest quality glass bonding adhesive on the market today. U-428 BetaSeal. It is a product used in every new car being manufactured today. It is the adhesive that will bring a car’s windshield back to factory spec. The consumer can drive down the road in total confidence in product.
  • Rock Chip & Crack Repair. Look you don’t always need to do a total replacement. Why charge your insurance company for something that doesn’t need to be done. We provide 15 minute repair service in most cases. In fact your insurance will waive the insurance deductible!
  • Power Window Repair. When it comes to power windows not working you have to trust the advice given. We will tell you the source. Go with a window expert first for a solution.
  • Car Rear & Side View Mirrors. We can easily replace your mirror now with Burco Redi Cuts. From rear view and side view, these Redi-Cut products are available on demand.

Integrity. We will NEVER repair a windshield that has an issue larger than a silver dollar. Why? Simple, we know it isn’t safe and the fix will not last. Why charge the consumer and insurance company for something that is the wrong solution. CPR Auto Glass Repair, we do it right, the first time, every time, all the time. We do it for the customer, insurance, automotive industry and ourselves.

Fact everything you do on your car, you need a trusted source. You must ensure the integrity, quality, and the safety of the vehicle and it’s components. There is one SINGULAR source in San Diego and Riverside County California CPR Auto Glass Repair. If you have an issue or want to get a quote or competing quote, don’t delay and make the problem worse.


Tickets Being Handed Out For Cracked Windshield’s | CPR Auto Glass Repair


Last month Brian Johnson’s car got damaged in the hale storm.

“I was trying to find shelter so my car would’nt get dammaged,” Brian said.

The storm that tore though left many people like Brian with cracked windshields and broken windows.

“It’s been nuts,” Mark Williams said.

Just a week after the storm and the used car lot is full of damaged cars still.

“That’s probably gonna take a couple of weeks for a auto glass shop, to get the work done. So now everybody is getting backed up,” Williams said.

Which is why some are forced to drive around town with a cracked windshield.

“It’s the biggest hail storm I’ve seen in the 30 years I’ve been here,” Williams said.

But with such a back up in service: is it legal to drive a car like this?

“The only window that you actually have to have on your car is a windshield,” Cit Prosecutor Jeff Briggs said.

In other words, if your window is cracked, but not broken in the drivers view, it’s legal. But that doesn’t make it safe.

“Big spider webs in front of your face, where really you’re looking through a fish eye at that point. That’s dangerous,” Briggs said.

Briggs said when it gets to that point safety is a big concern.

“There needs to be tickets handed out for these windshields that are broke in the drivers view. Cracks on the windshield may be as bad as using a cell phone while driving, it obstructs driving abilities,” Briggs said.


Windshield Repair from Rocks on the Road | CPR Auto Glass Repair







Windshields get hit by rocks on the road everyday.

When your windshield gets hit by a rock or other flying object in the road. Don’t try and chase down the car or truck that you think the rock came from unless its totally obvious the truck is dropping a lot.

These truck are not responsible for road hazard to your windshield, only because there has been to much fraud in the past about broken windshield do to road hazards. The trucking companies got the blame to many and to often to were they don’t have to be responsible for broken windshields anymore.

Most of the time you will get a rock thrown into your windshield from the oncoming traffic, the speed of the oncoming traffic and the speed that you are traveling is enough to break the windshield pretty quick.

We get a lot of windshield repairs and the customers say their was no car around them and the rock came out of nowhere, more and likely when this is the case than the windshield got hit by a rock from the oncoming traffic.

Give us your Windshield Rock Chip story.







Windshield Replacement from dog jumping to the front seat | Murrieta CA

 Windshield Replacement done in Murrieta CA, windshield needed to get replaced because it was head bunted by Yogi the Great Dane.

Can you imagine driving down the road listening to the radio not thinking to much of the dogs moving from seat to seat in the car, and next thing you know your great Dane jumps up into the front passenger seat and wham o!! head bunts the windshield hard enough to smash and crack it to were you cant even drive it till you get the windshield replaced. Good thing Yogi has a hard head and thick skin to protect him from the shattered windshield, Yogi didn’t even get a scratch on him but I think he still needed a little glass of wine or something to get rid of the headache the windshield gave him.

Mobile windshield replacement is much needed in cases like these because I don’t think its a good idea to drive your car around with a shattered windshield, little pieces of that windshield is flying around from the air coming through the windshield were it is broke and it could get into the eyes.

When your looking to get a windshield quote for your windshield replacement in Murrieta, Temecula or any of the cities surrounding Murrieta or Temecula than CPR Auto Glass has you covered, we are a certified professional replacement company that only deals with auto glass repair and replacement. We are not like those other glass shops that do commercial glass or residential glass replacement for the most and every once and a while do auto glass replacement. We strive to be ontop of the newest car or truck windshield safety standards.


Cheap Windshield Replacement Quotes | CPR Auto Glass Repair

Windshield Cancer A Cheap windshield Replacement can be just that, CHEEP.

Lots of auto glass repair shops that do other specialties like window tinting,  home and commercial glass repair, are not always up to date when it comes to windshield replacement.

Windshield replacement today has a lot to do with the crash test they preform on your vehicle before hitting the road for sale.

The safety standards of your windshield installation today require that your windshield is to have a urethane bonding system to your vehicles pinch weld, this system combines the windshield strength to part of the vehicles structure.

If someone is to miss a few important steps on the newer automobile, than later down the road your windshield can become a problem.

Common problems on a windshield replacement these days is rust, and being this close to the beach don’t help these situations. You may not know your windshield even has rust under it for years, maybe not until its time to replace your windshield again.

What causes this rust to start is getting those cheap windshield replacements done, when a windshield gets replaced sometimes you may scratch the paint under the windshield upon removal.

I you don’t address the scratch with the proper care, the next time it rains these areas behind the windshield will rust.

A rusty pinch weld is a week pinch weld, eventually that rust will creep under the urethane bond and cause the windshield to leak.

Repaired CancerWhenever CPR Auto Glass Repair runs into one of these rusty pinch-weld problems we like to wire wheel it out and apply some rust inhibitor then finish it with some pinch-weld primer on the to prevent the rust to come back and help the windshield to seal properly to the automobile.