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CPR Auto Glass provides 3 easy ways to get auto glass prices online, receive a window replacement quote for your auto in a form of a email, text or receive a call back from one of our staff.

Don’t let our auto glass prices fool you, we order our glass from the same suppliers all the other glass shops order through. Its just like auto body shops or even auto repair shops, there is limited suppliers on who we can order from.

So more and likely there factory replacement glass is the same factory replacement glass we will be getting for you, we say don’t waste your money it really comes down to who is the best at what they do and who has the most experience in that field.

Would you rather have someone who replaces glass on houses or building most of the time install the window on your 2011 BMW or would you rather have someone who replaces auto glass all day install your 2011 BMW window?

How about having a large company that has had to cut there overhead lately with hiring and training new employees just to save money install your window?

CPR Auto Glass has been in the business of auto glass replacements and only auto glass replacements and repair for the last 15 years, so when it comes to new cars and truck on the road today you bet we have the knowledge to get the job done.


Car Door Window Replacement | CPR Auto Glass Repair

Get FREE mobile service when you get your car door replaced through CPR Auto Glass.

Don’t worry about all that glass down in the door of your car or truck, CPR Auto Glass will vacuum in the door and get you back on the road with no glass rattling inside your door.



Windshield Repair | Auto Glass Repair | CPR Auto Glass Murrieta

CPR Auto Glass offers online price quotes and appointment scheduling for your windshield replacement or auto glass repair.

Same day service is usually available if you book your appointment before 12pm.

Here at CPR Auto Glass we like to price our installations on the best material available along with the propper trim mouldings and urethane needed for the glass installation to look and work to factory specs.



Windshield Replacement in Winchester CA | CPR Auto Glass

CPR Auto Glass Repair in Winchester CA provides on-site installation of windshield replacement, side window replacement, rear view mirror replacement, and electric door motor replacement FREE with no extra charges like (disposal fees).

We are hearing allot of people saying that other auto glass shops are adding cost after the job is complete, like for new reveal mouldings that go around the windshield, or that price don’t include the taxes.

CPR Auto Glass Repair always include taxes, in fact we pay the tax for you that is why you get a window price like $150.00 on the phone instead of $149.99, its easy for us to provide change to our customers.


CPR Auto Glass Repair Services Menifee CA

CPR Auto Glass Repair in Menifee CA has the best price on windshield replacement a repair around. There prices are even better than those shops you bring your car in.

Get a auto glass price quote here and see for your self, recieve a quote in the form of a Text, E-Mail, or choose to have them call you back with the best prices on auto glass replacement available today.


FREE Mobile Auto Glass Replacement in Lake Elsinore

CPR Auto Glass Repair in Lake Elsinore CA provides a FREE mobile service of windshield replacement, car door replacement and windshield rock chip repair for the city of Lake Elsinore and all cities surrounding within a 30 mile radius.


Avoid Windshield Replacement Pitfalls Temecula CA

When installing a windshield on a vehicle you should always leave enough room for water to escape from behind the glass so you don’t end up with rust on you car.

Windshields will start to leak because of this and possibly need body and paint work done on your car.

This is one of many windshield replacements I have seen in the Murrieta Temecula CA area that was neglected before the windshield went back in the car, some installers out there won’t even fix this problem or even tell the customer that the car has rust on it from a previous installation.

Windshield after repairing the rustWhen CPR Auto Glass runs across a rusted up pinch weld, we like to first wire wheel the heavy rust of the car to try and get down to some good metal.

Then we clean and dry that area so we can treat the area with a rust inhibitor to stop the rust from growing, after applying the rust inhibitor it will start reversing the rust by turning it back to a black primer.

This should stop the process of the rust so we can continue to do our windshield replacement properly and keep your car from having to go to the body shop.



Your Windshield Replacement Specialist in Temecula CA

Windshield Adhesive Betaseal U-428plus CPR Auto Glass of Temecula CA uses U-428 Urethane for all of there windshield replacements.

U-428 has been used by CPR Auto Glass for the past 12 years and in that past 12 years we have had very little problems with the U-428.

Using the right urethane adhesive for installing a windshield is key to having the windshield look and work properly in your vehicle. Did you know that if your windshield is not installed properly into you car or truck than you are chancing the risk of your passenger side airbag not working properly.

your windshield is one of the most integral components of a crash management system designed by your vehicle’s manufacturer. It is essential that the windshield stay in your vehicle during a roll over or head-on crash. Your passenger side air bag is designed to deploy up into the windshield and towards the seat. An improperly installed windshield could render the airbag useless. Thats why we use only top quality sealants to install your windshield.


Safelite Auto Glass Price VS CPR Auto Glass Prices

Windshield Replacement Cost ComparisonCustomers are asking the same question, how can your auto glass prices be that cheap? Then they start to wonder if the higher priced window is better than the cheaper priced one.

Here is the reason why CPR Auto Glass Prices are the way they are.

CPR Auto Glass don’t have to pay for high overhead cost of a store front because we are a full internet based company Located in Murrieta CA. In fact we can buy a window through Safelite and install it in your vehicle cheaper than Safelite or Allstar Glass could.

Bottom line is all auto glass repair shops out there try to profit the same amount on an install, by keeping our overhead down it allows us to provide cheaper auto glass repair and replacement cost without cutting any corners on you and still keeping safety our #1 goal.


Shop Auto Glass Repair & Windshield Replacement Cost

Wrong Windshield Glue to Install Windshields withSome auto glass repair shops out there don’t use adhesives made specificly for automotive glass replacement just to give a cheaper Auto Glass Replacement Price.

They will always tell you one thing and sell you the other, I guess they think if you cant see it then they have hidden it.

Not true on this chevy suburban, after the quarter glass was installed on this chevy it only took one good sunny day to heat up the window hot enough to start melting the adhesive used to install the window.

The auto glass adhesive used on this window is called Butyl Tape, it is a tacky compressible tape about 5/16 round and on a 10ft roll used to install bolt in type automotive glass windows.

If an auto glass repair shop is using this tape on non bolt in type windows, than what is going to hold the window to the car when it starts to get hot out. The butyl tape when it gets hot it starts to get really stringy and droopy, try and picture putting peanut butter on a grahm cracker and sticking it to the glass window, its going to stick rite? now when the sun starts to warm up the outside of the glass the peanut butter will start to melt and the grahm cracker will start to slide down the window. Thats the same thing with Butyl Tape, it never hardens to a solid, its always tacky and compressible like bubble gum.

Some shops are even using urethane found in hardware stores, not even automotive urethanes.