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Temecula Auto Glass Installation

It is always recommended that you look out for auto glass installation and repair services when you have problem with your car windows. Auto glass plays a big role in protecting and safeguarding the driver and the passengers while the car is in motion and therefore you should not compromise at all. Although, there are many firms that handle auto glass installation and repair, but you have to be selective while choosing such firms. Here we take a quick look at some of the things that you need to keep in mind while selecting auto glass installation and repair companies.

When you are looking for auto glass repair firm you need to look out for the location as well. If you are in Temecula CA you need to search for auto glass installation and repair in Temecula CA which will make the job easier for you whenever you need their services.
Variety of Service

When you are searching for companies that offer auto glass installation and repair services you need to look for variety of services. There are some firms that only focus on windshield installation and repair. However, you should look for firms in Temecula CA that also handle other services like door window replacement and headlight restoration. This can help you to stick to one auto glass installation firm rather than looking for different firms for different reasons.
Quality of Service

Quality does matter in every service that you purchase and auto glass installation service is no exception. It is recommended that you look out for some of the reliable and reputed firms that can handle auto glass installation and repair for your vehicle. You can go through some research and read testimonials and get customer feedback to decide which company offers better quality service in Temecula CA. The quality of the glass installed also does matter so when you focus on quality you have to keep in mind the quality of the new auto glass.
Mobile Service

This is the most important factor that you should not miss when you are looking for companies that provide auto glass installation and repair. If there is a problem with your windshield it is important that you do not drive your car. Instead you can call technicians that can visit your location and can fix or repair auto glass which saves you the trouble of going all the way to garage and fixing it. It also saves you extra money as you would have to spend on tow services and gas.


Windshield Repair Riverside & San Diego County California

CPR Auto Glass provides quality mobile windshield replacement & repair






It is not a matter of “if” but “when” our windshield will need TLC or replacing. In fact it is the number one most common claim made to insurance companies, windshield repair. Commuters in Riverside & San Diego California, the need for some type of windshield replacement is 1 out of every 3 cars every two years. This according to AAA of California. So it begs the question; “To whom do you trust when dealing with your vehicle?” Simple, CPR Auto Glass Repair.

Trust comes from reputation. Reputation is earned, by corporate and consumer solutions. Not fancy or fad marketing ploys. Reputation in the form of:


– Tier 1 Status with all major Insurance Companies today.


What does this mean? Integrity driven solutions for a long period of time. Integrity driven solutions come from customers and products used. Let’s talk about products:

  • The highest quality glass bonding adhesive on the market today. U-428 BetaSeal. It is a product used in every new car being manufactured today. It is the adhesive that will bring a car’s windshield back to factory spec. The consumer can drive down the road in total confidence in product.
  • Rock Chip & Crack Repair. Look you don’t always need to do a total replacement. Why charge your insurance company for something that doesn’t need to be done. We provide 15 minute repair service in most cases. In fact your insurance will waive the insurance deductible!
  • Power Window Repair. When it comes to power windows not working you have to trust the advice given. We will tell you the source. Go with a window expert first for a solution.
  • Car Rear & Side View Mirrors. We can easily replace your mirror now with Burco Redi Cuts. From rear view and side view, these Redi-Cut products are available on demand.

Integrity. We will NEVER repair a windshield that has an issue larger than a silver dollar. Why? Simple, we know it isn’t safe and the fix will not last. Why charge the consumer and insurance company for something that is the wrong solution. CPR Auto Glass Repair, we do it right, the first time, every time, all the time. We do it for the customer, insurance, automotive industry and ourselves.

Fact everything you do on your car, you need a trusted source. You must ensure the integrity, quality, and the safety of the vehicle and it’s components. There is one SINGULAR source in San Diego and Riverside County California CPR Auto Glass Repair. If you have an issue or want to get a quote or competing quote, don’t delay and make the problem worse.