Car Windshield Cracked When Cold Water Hit it

CPR Windshield Repair Temecula Murrieta CAA small rock chip in your windshield should be repaired before you wash your car this summer. The summer heat will make your windshield expand letting dirt & debris into the crack or chip on your windshield, when dirt & debris gets into the crack or chip on your windshield it will not let the windshield contract back to normal causing a blockage.

If there is dirt or debris in the way of a crack or chip trying to close up from the temperature changing back to a cooler temperature than that debris will make a crack grow larger to relieve the pressure it is encountering.

So the longer you wait to get your windshield chip repair done, the more risk you take on having to replace your windshield. CPR Auto Glass Charges $50.00 for rock chip repairs, get a free online price quote here for windshield replacement or rock chip repairs. CPR Auto Glass provides a FREE mobile service to all customers who live or work within 35 miles of Murrieta or Temecula CA.