Stop Paying Corp. $$$ For Auto Glass Repair | CPR Auto Glass Repair

Cheap Windshield Replacement70% off list price, CPR Auto Glass has the ability to price there windshield replacements 70% off list prices. Some corporate auto glass companies out there cant┬átouch the prices we are able to give and that’s why they are starting to squirm and say things like, “but but that windshield must be used or they are going to add tax or something”.

The other guys will say anything to get the job, that’s what they are trained to do.

Here at CPR Auto Glass we don’t like to hide anything, all of our auto glass prices are with installation and we don’t charge disposal fees or add taxes after the job is complete. in fact our auto glass prices we give is the number you will pay out the door NO hidden fees.

Go ahead and call the other guys and listen to the run around they will give you, then ask them if that price includes disposal fees or taxes or even mobile service. I bet they will add something on you.