Auto Door Window Repair or Replacement | CPR Auto Glass Repair

Thinking of doing that door window regulator installation on your own.

let CPR Auto Glass┬ádo the installation for you today so you don’t have to get frustrated and mad trying to install the regulator on your own.

CPR Auto Glass only charges around $60.00 to install the window regulator you just purchased from the auto parts store.

From removing your old window regulator to installing a new one you just purchased through the parts store, CPR is equipped with the tools and knowledge to get it installed for you.

Even if your just switching your glass from a used junk yard door you just bought, our low prices for installation is a no brain-er. Don’t rack your brain trying to do the installation yourself, its just not worth it.

Some door panels can be very tricky, you don’t want to start pulling and yanking on things that will break. Your first brake might be the cost of a ┬áprofessional to do the installation for you.

Like this Saturn door, to install a window regulator or door glass most Saturn’s require you to remove the outer skin panel just for that to happen.